Plaintiff L-Strategies: VS Defendant Angie Wong case docket 3:2023cv00207. Judge Timothy C Batten US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia issues order.

2-12-24 Plaintiff L-Strategies: VS Defendant Angie Wong case docket 3:2023cv00207.Judge Timothy C Batten US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.Cause of Action 28 U.S.C. § 1446 Notice of Removal – Libel, Assault, Slander.Link to order On January 18th , 2024 – Angie Wong announced that her Georgia lawsuit was dismissed claiming a […]

The Angie Wong BlakPAC recording exposing her duplicity and modus operandi

12-5-23 The Vet Voice Media is in possession of numerous legally recorded conversations , dozens of emails and hundreds of texts debunking Angie Wong’s accusations against others and debunking her defenses to ongoing Georgia litigation. The allegations against Wong are proven true. Hundreds of examples of evidence , not yet public , will be presented […]

Angie Wong attacks J.R. Majewski and Lauren Boebert

8-21-23 Recently General Flynn filmed with Stan Fitzgerald and Frank Panico for their forthcoming film “The Fall of Deceit” The general stated “Most Americans forget three hours ago; they don’t know history” For this reason, we are repeating some of the basic background information here before addressing the latest Angie Wong seemingly leftist agenda action. […]

Angie Wong coordinates with multiple liberal influencers giving credit to their defaming.

8-8-23 Angie Wong, self-described “conservative” columnist, retweets multiple liberals giving credit to their defaming of President Trump, Steve Bannon, John Fredericks, NFSC, Gavin Wax, Veterans for Trump, Andy Ogles , Paul Gosar, Stan Fitzgerald, Jared Craig, and Cait Corrigan. Wong is attacking the MAGA Movement yet claims she supports 45. Playing both sides apparently to […]

Angie Wong commits another federal crime submitting a proven false sworn document to FEC in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1001. With Stan Fitzgerald’s continued transparency.

7-7-23 18 U.S.C. § 1001 is a general statute that prohibits filing materially false statements within the jurisdiction of any federal agency. On June 30th 20023 Angie Wong committed yet another federal crime by submitting the below knowingly false statements to the FEC which she looped her attorney in. Earlier today this investigator gave proofs […]

The Debunking of ANGIE WONG’s cease and desist letter Line by Line

6-27-23 No political persecution just facts exposed damming to Angie Wong’s cover stories: Angie Wong was voted off the board of Legacy PAC and L-Strategies consulting firm on May 30th  2023, she was also removed from Veterans for Trump and Veterans for America First on same date.  Wong has a history of not willingly leaving […]

Angie Wong “THE BOOKER TAPES” Criminal scheme explained with audio proof download.

6-26-23 *DISCLAIMER : All accusations are “alleged” at this point Angie Wong was caught by her L-Strategies consulting firm business partners, Jared Craig and Stan Fitzgerald, illegally diverting funds from their consulting firm account to be used towards her personal business interests.  The numbers did not add up and partners pulled the contract Wong submitted. […]

THE MEDIA VS ANGIE WONG, plus who is writing these reports.

The Media is lining up with questions or accusations against Ms. Wong which I will outline but let us first get something clear, Angie Wong is now accusing this investigator of not writing these investigative reports. That is false as no third party has access to our security firm report forms. ; please see the […]

Steve Maxwell for Virginia Spotsylvania County Sheriff endorsed by Virginia Veterans for America First.

8-1-23 Patrick Collis Virginia Veterans for America First State Chapter President announced the endorsement of Steve Maxwell for Virginia Spotsylvania County Sheriff. Press : “I am honored to announce my endorsement for Elect Maxwell Sheriff for Spotsylvania County Sheriff! Through Steve Maxwell he will “Make Spotsylvania VA Law Enforcement Great Again” Police officers across Virginia will […]

Virginia Veterans for America First