Angie Wong “THE BOOKER TAPES” Criminal scheme explained with audio proof download.


*DISCLAIMER : All accusations are “alleged” at this point

Angie Wong was caught by her L-Strategies consulting firm business partners, Jared Craig and Stan Fitzgerald, illegally diverting funds from their consulting firm account to be used towards her personal business interests.  The numbers did not add up and partners pulled the contract Wong submitted.  

The Deal was for a third-party client being NFSC the New Federation State of China (Steve Bannon’s partners) to have airtime on RAV Real America’s Voice (RAV) . Wong rather than simply arranging that through the firm went on to pad the contract to have funds diverted to her own personal business interests paying her own media booking deals. This was a criminal act of theft by deception.

Wong submitted her own contract, circumventing legal review by the firm’s attorney Jared Craig, and only did so after monies were deposited. The contract itself was only signed by Wong’s personal media booker Johsua Delano @JoshuaWDelano and not even Wong herself.  Wong never showed attorney Jared Craig for review prior to execution of the transaction. The contract shows the LLC name to be incorrect leaving more unanswered questions such as was Ms. Wong setting up a second firm with a similar name to commit more acts of fraud. (See attached exhibits below for contract)

The arrangement was supposed to be 5K for the media booker who would use that retainer for arranging media hits for the third-party client. The third-party client was paying the consulting firm $9K for this service. $4K per month was supposed to be profit for the firm with half to be split to the broker of the deal. The broker being a former congressional candidate who approached the firm with the client.  Instead, what happed was Wong took $2k of that profit and diverted it. Texts show Wong claimed the broker cost $6K another false statement.

The criminal scheme was outlined by Wong’s media booker one Joshua Delano on a legally recorded call. Listen to the call via Drop Box Download LINK:

Wong didn’t stop there. On a second attempted fraud with a contractual value of $40K per month, Wong attempted a similar tactic to benefit herself alone.  Wong cut out the broker, Cait Corrigan, and spoke directly to NFSC and the RAV news outlet lying to each party claiming the other insisted on media hits for her that neither party wanted in the deal.  The deal fell through because of Wong’s attempted theft by deception and duplicity.

As the second deal fell through, with a pre-payment having to be held in trust, and a commission to a broker to be refunded this caused the firm to be in the red. Wong’s actions were not only criminal but caused the company to take a loss. When the partners confronted Wong with evidence and delivered her a cease and desist on June 8th, she accused the partners of what she was clearly guilty of which is the established modus operandi of Angie Wong. Wong then hired an attorney who took her statements at face value and Wong went on to publish that privileged information to defame her former partners by claiming racial discrimination. Wong invested no capital into the company and created a loss. Her criminal schemes cost the firm $120K in annual revenue.

UPDATE Attorney Jared Craig has filed a 1.4-million-dollar lawsuit against Ms Wong.  The crimes have been reported to the Coweta County district attorney.

*DISCLAIMER : All accusations are “alleged” at this point. The forthcoming civil proceedings are expected to “prove” the embezzlements charge meeting the burden of proof – being a preponderance of evidence.


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