Angie Wong admits working with spies embedded in Trump campaign.


The Vet Voice has reviewed documents now submitted for discovery in the Angie Wong Florida civil case which clearly prove beyond doubt that Angie Wong is in fact control of X account @ExposingVFAF.

The documents in discovery also allege ,and illustrate, that Wong through her alias accounts is inferring others should act against Stan Fitzgerald. The documents point out that trolling by these accounts may have led to a child of a VFAF member being threatened in South Carolina and the break in of a Virginia office occupied by a VFAF member.

Prior to the discovery process the national media has reported that Angie Wong is using Exposing VFAF and other twitter alias accounts to attack , harras , and spread disinformation about President Trump and MAGA leaders.

In Wong’s recent Twitter X post she showed a photo of VFAF’s Stan Fitzgerald in VIP seated at the March 2024 Georgia Rome Trump Rally stating that “Our Spies” spotted him.

Wong refers to an FBI investigation which also shows in the Florida court filings that Wong , not Fitzgerald , is under FBI investigation since 12-15-24. When this investigation by VFAF into Wong started back in May of 2023 our team pointed out Wong uses Alinsky tactics accusing others of what she in fact does. These tactics have been ongoing since.


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