Angie Wong creates more defamation evidence against herself with Stalking claims. Based on Wong’s statements her associates call for organized attacks against the Fitzgerald family,


Angie Wong self-proclaimed fundraiser currently faces multiple litigations in Georgia ongoing since June 2023 for embezzlement, defamation and numerous torts. Those accusations against Wong contain overwhelming evidence of legally recorded phone calls , numerous witness statements, video recorded partner meetings with Wong and her own written communications proving the cases against her. After hiding from process servers for almost six months Wong retained counsel in GA to answer the complaints. Wong then venue shopped (unethical legal practice) and filed what were essentially counter claims in Florida opening a new suit. A bar complaint was filed against Wong’s Florida attorney, Mr. Robert Turffs , and the answer to that Florida complaint revealed an ongoing FBI investigation into Wong’s activities.

Wong published press pertaining to her Florida case which included unfounded accusations and defamatory statements not found in the legal filing (libel on behalf of the paid press service) Wong also published she was filing for the court of public opinion (More concerned with swaying the public as opposed to following legal procedure). As Wong’s legal counsel knows she loses on the facts in either state they attempt legal gamesmanship to avoid Wong giving depositions or facing a jury while Wong continues to systematically defame the Trump supporting plaintiffs using her numerous social media accounts.

When plaintiff’s attorney filed to voluntarily dismiss the GA case (a legal strategy to cure and refile before ruling) Wong , obviously not consulting with counsel, published she won the case and made more defamatory statements. Wong’s own attorney discredited her public statements by attempting to prevent the dismissal the following day through motions filed, contrary to the victory lap Wong took on social media.

A major press publication verified , and published, that Wong is using numerous alias Twitter accounts including National Veterans Parade @NationalVets, Exposing VFAF @ExposingVFAF , and LoisLane @Agent_411 to defame Trump and conservative leaders including Vets for Trump President Stan Fitzgerald and his family. Based on Wong’s tweets from Lois Lane, and witness statements in the litigation, it appears Wong is a Democrat impersonating a conservative.

Recently Wong has been interacting with herself from multiple accounts. Wong shares her alias account statements as if they were a third party in some sort of circular reporting effort. Wong’s most recent defamation is the implausible theory that Stan Fitzgerald is illegally tracking mobile devices, not just of herself, but of candidates they have endorsed. Wong accuses Stan & Donna Fitzgerald of stalking her. Wong with an associate placed a public call to action against the Fitzgerald’s stating “Communists and Liberals give us an assist on this.”

Considering the nature of Trump politics, The history of violence against Trump supporters, the doxing of personal and private business locations by Wong owned by the Fitzgerald’s and this call to action against the Fitzgerald family, Wong’s organized efforts should be considered a call for violence in our opinion. Less evidence was used to accuse the former president of calling for violence on J6.

“Before I respond to cure the reputation of myself and our organizations, I first want to remind people that Angie Wong is no victim, those are Alinsky tactics she manifests. We are the victims and that has been proven to standards higher than civil court. We started this process in May 2023 by offering to keep her misdeeds private. She responded with Alinsky tactics. She has a decade long history of litigation with multiple parties that reveals she takes evidence out of context to create false scenario’s, fabricates evidence and has even stolen from her own mother. Wong stole a “friends” dog. Even her own Florida filing proves our case against her , read the litigations. Now my family has to live in fear with her doxing and coordinated public calls to action against them, my mother is 80 years old with a serious heart condition ” said Stan Fitzgerald

Curing :

1- Tracking Phones

A) If anyone is tracking Angie Wongs devices it would be the FBI , it is our understanding a criminal investigation was opened against her on 12-15-23

B) Owners of IP addresses are records not accessible to the public , these are false statements by Wong.

C) Wong published that she changed her phone number in fear, obviously that would not remove a device installed by the feds (or anyone else) but it would prevent process servers from calling.

2- Stalking

A) Process servers are currently looking for Wong with new litigation, any methods they use to find her are not deemed stalking.

B) Wong, who as of today, is still Facebook friends with Donna Fitzgerald is taking a click on Facebook “My story” by Donna Fitzgerald as evidence and claiming it establishes stalking. Wong controls who can and cannot see her social media posts.

C) Under GA Law , and the law in many states, Wong’s own actions are by definition cyber stalking or cyber bullying.

Attached Proofs :


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