Angie Wong Defames Steve Bannon, Gavin Wax, and Karoline Leavitt based on a false timeline, calling them Grifters who sold out the country.



THE “OOPS” MOMENT ON ANGIE WONG’S STEVE BANNON ATTACK TIMELINE – Angie Wong is attacking Steve Bannon, Gavin Wax, and Karoline Leavitt for working with the NFSC. Wong in her recent social media posts states she wants to make it clear she cannot be responsible for nefarious accusations that came out dating past her involvement with them.

Wong apparently did not read the date of the article she shared when she called Steve Bannon, Gavin Wax and Karoline Leavitt “grifters who sold out the country”.  The article was published May 15th, 2023!

Wong apparently thought it was just released. Wong was still working with the NFSC in mid may trying to secure their business on media contracts.  Angie Wong is currently being sued by L-Strategies for 1.4 million because of her alleged embezzlement of NFSC sourced funds!  Angie Wong was not removed from L-Strategies until the end of May 2023 and she attempted to keep working with NFSC until a New Jersey event hosted by the NFSC in early June.

Lawsuit : See the docket for dozens of witness statements against Wong.

Wong also stated “Just doing my job exposing these grifters” Wong is a pay to play commentator, meaning she is a customer paying to act on networks as a commentator and not a salaried reporter. It is not a job. She uses a media booker named Joshua Delano whom she involved in her embezzlement scheme of diverting funds from the NFSC payment to L-Strategies to Delano for her personal use.

Link for download of Delano call proving the embezzlement scheme by Wong:

The Wong NFSC correct timeline:

March 1-4 2023 – Wong has coffee with Cait Corrigan at CPAC in the DC area to discuss NFSC.  According to Cait Corrigan Wong stated “ I do not want to do business with the Chinese”

March 28th-29 2023 – Wong invites Cait Corrigan to East Palestine Ohio to appear on Real America’s Voice town hall with Steve Bannon and John Fredericks sponsored by Stan Fitzgerald and Jared Craig.  Wong then asks Corrigan to arrange media buys for NFSC to run through her (Wong) at L-Strategies.

April 24th, 2023 – Wong unilaterally creates a contract for Real America’s Voice, her media booker and NFSC to run through L-Strategies.  Wong only submitted her self-written unsigned contract after monies were already transferred without attorney Jared Craig reviewing or approving the contract.  Stan Fitzgerald maintained a hands-off policy on banking and contracts. Wong padded the amount on the contract to divert funds.  The contract is available for review on this website in the news tab on page titled “Angie Wong “THE BOOKER TAPES” Criminal scheme explained with audio proof download.”

May 25th, 2023- Wong meets Cait Corrigan in NYC during fleet week for drinks.  According to Cait Corrigan Wong Stated “ We need to make as much money as we can before November with NFSC because they are going down , anyone who is not a US citizen will be deported in November”

May 26th -27th 2023 – Wong realizes Craig and Fitzgerald are questioning her actions at Legacy PAC after Craig was granted access to the bank account several months later after having no access. Wong is also questioned about the payments to her personal Media Booker Joshua Delano during this time.  Wong responds by sending texts that make no sense at the time stating she was denied access to L-Strategies bank account and asked for access she already had.  (later in hindsight we see she used the out of context texts to create her own false narrative on a cease and desist letter)  

May 28th , 2023 – Wong is voted out of L-Strategies and Legacy PAC.  Wong was also removed from Veterans for Trump national and her role as president of the Florida state chapter VFAF after Jared Craig and Stan Fitzgerald become aware of the embezzlement at L-Strategies and her lack of performance at Legacy PAC.  

June 4th 2023 – Wong Meets Cait Corrigan in New Jersey at an NFSC event to work on securing contracts for herself from NFSC (having been removed from L-Strategies previously) Wong expected to speak at the event on behalf of NFSC and have access to the VIP reception but was not given those honors.  In response to being removed from L-Strategies and investigated by Patrick Collis Wong showed attendees a screen shot of a VFAF donate button stating “This will make Team Trump look very bad that Patrick Collis who worked security for the Team Trump bus tour (May 2022) is involved in an FEC violation “Noting here on June 4th Wong thought the VFAF was a PAC , June 30th she sent the FEC a letter stating the chapters were Non Profits , now in August she gets it right , they are LLC’s but claims using a DBA is nefarious !-she can’t seem to find the right false accusation to make.

June 5th 2023 – Wong realizes she will not have access to NFSC and Cait Corrigan is working with L-Strategies so Wong goes on to defame Corrigan on a regular basis, ongoing to date.

June 8th 2023 – A cease and desist order was delivered to Angie Wong by former White House attorney Courtney Kramer on behalf of L-Strategies.  (Letter can be read on this website news tab) Wong pretends she did not receive the cease and desist even though Fed Ex tracking shows delivered.

At this point Wong goes on to create her own cease and desist letter based on her unfounded false allegations and pins it to her social media as a defense to the aforementioned facts. Wong goes on to try to shut down a conservative newsroom and defame anyone who assists in the investigation into her actions while Jared Craig files the first lawsuit against her for 1.4 million (all documented in great details on this website in the news section)

Fast forward to August 2023:

August 4th 2023 – Stan Fitzgerald shares on social media that he made a police report in the embezzlement scheme.  Fitzgerald tells Craig he will share that on social as an investigative tactic to get a response from Wong.  Wong, with an alleged Alias account known as Lois Lane, immediately takes the bait trying to discredit Fitzgerald’s police report.

August 5th 2023 – Angie Wong Defames Steve Bannon, Gavin Wax, and Karoline Leavitt based on a false timeline, calling them Grifters who sold out the country based on their interactions with NFSC having paid writers.  Wong apparently is attempting to create a pseudo scandal trying to distance herself from her alleged embezzlement of NFSC funds and stating the obvious its common practice in politics to pay writers, Wong herself stated to use a ghost writer at one time.

August 5th 2023 (2nd post) at 230 PM Wong makes another statement claiming to be writing a “Bombshell” about NFSC , obviously not knowing the article was written back in May while she was allegedly embezzling the funds sourced to the NFSC and attempts to disclaimer herself for integrity SMH.

The Leftist Hypocrisy of Angie Wong :

THE LEFTIST HYPOCRYSY OF ANGIE WONG: (See above from 8-5-23) Wong agrees no American Company should do business in China. Wong claims to be married to David Martin, who lists on his Linkedin page that he is Senior Vice President of Swire Properties, a company with numerous offices in mainland China. SEE : Wong’s address on her driver’s license in Miami is a property by Swire !

July 8th Angie Wong gave us this classic hypocrisy. SEE Twitter:

Creating the Pseudo Scandal’s to deflect from her own wrong doings:

Veterans for America First State Chapters: June 4th Wong thought the VFAF was a PAC , June 30th she sent the FEC a letter stating the chapters were nonprofits, now in August, she gets it right, they are LLC’s ! but claims using a DBA is nefarious -she can’t seem to find the right false accusation to make.

The State Chapters are similar to a franchise agreement being Independently owned. There is nothing nefarious with a company having a DBA or joining together in a franchise type situation. There is also nothing illegal for a private company to accept donations or support for their work and written legal opinion was obtained before launching this concept which Wong was aware of.

Angie Wong took on the role of President to the Florida VFAF state chapter where she remained until removed on May 28th 2023. Prior to that she accepted partial ownership of the Florida State Chapter through a contractual agreement between L-Strategies and VFAF of which she was aware that if it were to monetize, she would benefit. Wong also attempted to sell a NY State Chapter when Fitzgerald was in discussions with a former NY female congressional candidate for the role. Wong stated that the former candidate was associated with a problematic group and stated she was meeting a NYCR member for dinner and would make the pitch to him for running the state chapter. Clearly Wong never believed there was anything illegal about state chapters.

July 17th 2023 Press on state chapters which also has the legal opinion attached as images 2 and 3. LINK :

Second Legal Opinion Gifting (donating) perfectly legal as long as disclaimer is clear that it is not deductible – Wongs own defamation shows the disclaimer proving VFAF is operating within the law:

The Nothing Burger on Stan Fitzgerald’s wrongful conviction from decades ago :

Wong brings up this wrongful conviction on a regular basis as if it’s some sort of shocking discovery. Wong discussed this wrongful conviction with this investigator and VFAF members in early 2002. Wong was aware of the details when she agreed to join Legacy PAC. Wong proofread the interview posted on Fitzgeralds personal website about the FBI case and said “Wear it like a badge of honor”

Stan Fitzgerald is a victim of the weaponization of the government which started back in 1999. This was never hidden and listed on his personal website as soon as he became high profile in 2022. It is currently on his twitter feed and easily accessible in SEO results when searching his name and sports memorabilia. Fitzgerald is producing a movie relative to this behavior by the Government.

” Every time Angie brings up the wrongful conviction, she stirs interest in the film as they are joined together in search results. Every false accusation she makes creates content for my book deal so thank you for that Madam Wong !” Said Stan Fitzgerald . Fitzgerald noted any gains from the film or a potential book deal would be donated to Legacy PAC.



During our Spartan Investigation into Angie Wong these last few months we complied evidence pertaining to Angie Wong that she tried to hurt the Trump campaign twice.  Angie Wong has sued a media company for terminating her employment after two weeks, sued her family as well as having sued lawyers. Angie Wong’s own sister has given a sworn statement accusing Angie of theft, misappropriation of funds and duplicity. Esther Mak Wong Angie Wong’s own mother states she committed bank fraud by using her name (mother) to illegally transfer funds. Angie Wong accused Gloria Starr Kins, who is a 96-year-old United Nations Journalist of defamation requesting a cease-and-desist order to use in an alleged litigation scheme. Angie Wong attempted to fabricate an accusation against public figure, and Trump pundit. Gavin Wax involving three female complaints. Several people in the media have questioned Wongs ethics. BLAKPAC political action committee members and donors came forward to expose Angie Wong for misappropriations of funds. Angie Wong’s embezzlement scheme was proven to criminal prosecution standards with a legally recorded call. Angie Wong’s cease and desist letter she posted (in response to ours that she received prior) has been totally disproven as just her own false statements. Wong handled her time as Legacy PAC president with the most bizarre actions all off which have been documented. Wong attempted to shut down a conservative newsroom. Wong filed a false FEC report, a federal crime and has been sued for stealing a dog. These proofs are all available by clicking the news tab on this website.

Also see Grant Stinchfield shared the statement of Stan Fitzgerald, Veterans for Trump President, on the ousting of Angie Wong from the organization on his twitter feed point out Wong was not a good look and thanking Fitzgerald for his transparency.


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