Angie Wong attacks J.R. Majewski and Lauren Boebert


Recently General Flynn filmed with Stan Fitzgerald and Frank Panico for their forthcoming film “The Fall of Deceit” The general stated “Most Americans forget three hours ago; they don’t know history”

For this reason, we are repeating some of the basic background information here before addressing the latest Angie Wong seemingly leftist agenda action. For complete investigative results read all the news tabs on this VA VFAF site there are over 20 pages of facts. Most facts are backed up by third party statements, written emails or texts and other proofs. We feel that any law enforcement agency will find our proofs proven to criminal case standards not just to a civil preponderance of evidence level.

Angie Wong @angiewong was removed from her positions at Veterans for America First aka Veterans for Trump, Legacy PAC and L-Strategies the end of May 2023. Leading up to that removal the organizations reacted to three giant red flags. 

First Wong attempted to create a false FBI report to implicate a high-profile Trump bundler in an alleged money laundering scheme that bundler was not involved in.  Wong in written communications (written proofs we can make available to investigators and journalists – not for publication just verification) in a thread with multiple people wanted to file a false FBI report, a crime. A false report that would hurt the Trump campaign. Wong herself willingly made a check payable to an entity other than the event she attended showing complicity in the alleged scheme.

Wong seemingly did this out of vindictiveness because she was singled out as the cause of having President Trump angered that she texted a link to numerous donors offering free tickets to a Mar-A-Lago event. Wong was forced to call each donor and apologize for her error.

Note that Wong was only in a position to be working with the Trump bundler because of her Assocation with VFAF that gave her trust , and Stan Fitzgerald was the one who gave Wong her first Mar-A-Lago invite.

Next Angie Wong, according to eye witness statements, wanted to create a pseudo scandal into Patrick Collis’s (this investigator) donate button leading to an LLC. Wong stated to the eye witness “ This will really embarrass team Trump” We have previously listed numerous legal opinions these donate buttons are perfectly legal with the disclaimers attached that they are not tax deductible and identifying where they lead.  Wong was involved in the review and set up process of these donate buttons and seemingly was attempting to create a pseudo scandal because she knew this investigator was looking into her embezzlements of NFSC funds through the L-Strategies consulting firm.  Wong was attempting to discredit those investigating her with fake news.

Last , it was proven at criminal case standards Wong illegally diverted funds to her personal interests that should have been profits for the consulting firm.  Wong’s own media booker admitted the scheme and outlined how it worked on a legally recorded call.  This evidence is found on the news tabs herein this site.  After Wong was removed from all her positions, she continues to go forward defaming anyone who gives evidence against her and creating pseudo scandals to deflect from her own legal troubles where she is being sued for 1.4 million by her former consulting firm for the theft and attempted thefts.

Wong seemed to have come out of the leftist closet now personally attacking (or sharing liberal influencers tweets) that attempt to hurt President Trump, Steve Bannon, the NFSC, Gavin Wax, Karoline Leavitt, Andy Ogles , Paul Gosar , John Fredericks , Cait Corrigan , Jared Craig , Stan Fitzgerald , VFAF , Lauren Boebert and J.R. Majewski.  All documented in these news tabs on this site. Wong seemingly out of the closet, but still paying to play a conservative columnist, on pay to play media hits arranged by her media booker at Delanoye Strategies.

While our organizations do not respond to leftist trolls, which seemingly Angie Wong has devolved into, this is different as she was formally embedded in our network.  That noted we will respond to her latest out of context and defaming comments.

Wong’s latest attacks targeting Lauren Boebert and JR Majewski include the reference to VFAF being fake veterans by mentioning the brand new Trump gold seal that is being issued to a limited number of PACs and candidates (VFAF is not a PAC , nor does it fundraise using Trumps image – VFAF stands for Veterans for America First) . Wong attacks Majewski by sharing a liberal influencer stating Majewski has outstanding lawsuits. 

(UPDATE: Wong responds publicly to JR Majewski stating here’s what I said again sharing the liberal influencer who attacked JR for having outstanding lawsuits- Thats like saying I am not a Democrat but let me use Joe Biden for my defense -see below)

Wong attacks Boebert by demeaning the endorsement and fundraiser for Boebert by VFAF.

The VFAF endorsement, which Lauren shared on her social media during the 2022 cycle, was very influential in helping her defeat the democrat by just a couple hundred votes. Lauren is again in a very tight race being outspent by millions for her seat.  Each Veterans vote is extremely significant in this campaign, and Wong knows this, yet she includes Lauren in her attacks essentially working for the left against Lauren in what will be another very tight race.

As for the fundraiser which Wong infers the VFAF group improperly used Trumps name to profit from is yet more fake news.  Donna and Stan Fitzgerald made significantly large donations to Laurens Campaign and to her PAC (which are public record) at the time of this event.  The Fitzgerald’s made no profit on the event, ironically Angie Wong wanted to run the event as it was being planned so she could profit. Stan Fitzgerald refused to profit from the event and would not let Wong participate. These proofs are in writing with group texts , multi person conservations and any journalist can reach out to Bernadete Lake (Bernie who was with Team Boebert) who handled the event for Lauren or Amanda Emmons (well-known and respected in GA-FL politics) who arranged the venue to verify these facts debunking Wong’s fake news, The Fitzgeralds and VFAF made no profit to help Boebert retain her seat.

As for the semantics of the Trump campaign vs the Grassroots Voices campaign both are “official” yet two different things.  Wong’s statements are debunked by president Trump himself in his Truth Social post sharing the VFAF endorsement of his campaign. This was done by the president who read and shared the article by Slay news which clearly states VFAF is part of the campaign coalition. Noting again VFAF is the grassroots side of the campaign coalition. The VFAF organization has numerous written proofs here as well that are just not appropriate to share publicly to simply debunk a left-wing troll.

UPDATE: Wong responds publicly to JR Majewski stating here’s what I said,,,,,, again sharing the liberal influencer who attacked JR for having outstanding lawsuits- Thats like saying I am not a Democrat but let me use Joe Biden for my defense -see below


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