THE MEDIA VS ANGIE WONG, plus who is writing these reports.

The Media is lining up with questions or accusations against Ms. Wong which I will outline but let us first get something clear, Angie Wong is now accusing this investigator of not writing these investigative reports. That is false as no third party has access to our security firm report forms. ; please see the text screen shots at the bottom of this webpage with the written introduction regarding authoring reports.


Vicky Richter– Richter is a German Journalist Reporter who does investigative journalism in the US and Latin America for numerous international publications. Richter relayed the following information pertaining to Angie Wong’s journalism history and trip to the border in January 2022: Wong stole proprietary photographs of the Arizona border taken by Richter and used them in her (Wong’s)own reporting on the Texas border trip. TO BE CLEAR, not only did Wong use the photos without crediting Richter they were not from the Texas border but another location. When Richter confronted Wong about this Wong told Richter she would be compensated financially for the use of the photos but instead of paying she blocked richer on all social media. Richter saved screen shots of these communications and has supplied them to the undersigned. When asked about the background of Wong pre-dating the 2022 border trip, Richter stated it is nonexistent she has never seen any of work she claims to have done in journalism. Richter went on to say she believes Wong has had her blocked from certain event because Richter knows Wong’s claims to be a journalist is fraudulent.

Gloria Starr Kins – Kins is Journalist and Editor in chief of the Society and Diplomatic Review, Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations · Dean of the UN Correspondents Association and countless other lifetime achievements. Kins journalism experience, and high profile with the UN, dates to the 1950’s she has the respect of not just Journalists from around the world, but world leaders. Kins stated Angie Wong was a Democrat pretending to be a Republican. Kins stated that Angie Wong came to her NYC home and said together they could make millions in Republican politics exploiting Kins lifetime network. Kins rejected Angie Wong’s proposal to monetize her connections from a life of trusted journalism warning people she was an opportunist. 

Kins called Stan Fitzgerald on 6-24-23 (Fitzgerald happened to be sitting with Jared Craig when the call came in) Kins asked for the phone of Patrick Collis and stated that she (Kins) needed protection from a “powerful” Angie Wong and wanted to alter her statements Fitzgerald assured Kins that Wong is not powerful and just a pay to play commentator, he also thanked Kins for her actions on behalf of this country and then connected this investigator with Kins. This investigator has multiple legally recorded relative phone conversations with Kins, and her Staff, establishing confirmation of these now published statements.  The undersigned recommends inquiries into possible witnesses tampering or intimidation of 96-year-old Kins who spoke of needing protection from Wong. 

NewsMax : (Name Redacted) assistant to owner Chris Ruddy and advertising sales rep. stated Angie Wong set up a Legacy PAC account at Newsmax with only her name on it as authorized user and then referred Veterans for Trump as a client expecting some sort of compensation or consideration for doing so. Newsmax knowing Wong was business partners with Fitzgerald advised him of the scheme to cheat her business partners and changed the Legacy PAC account into the name of Jared Craig , PAC Attorney.

Palm Beach Post: Deborah Adeimy , is a former Palm Beach candidate , a respected 30 year Wall Street executive, and candidate whom that the Palm Beach post newspaper endorsed. Adeimy relays an incident where the Palm Beach Post investigated Angie Wong for lying to the newspaper.  The PB Post called Wong to discuss the BlakPAC endorsement of Adeimy and Wong told the paper that there was no endorsement made of Adeimy and she (Wong) made an endorsement of her competitor in that race one Bill Wheelen (a convicted felon who was wealthy).   Adeimy showed the written communications from Wong which confirmed the BlacPAC endorsement of Adeimy to the newspaper. When confronted by the paper with proof Wong did not respond. Adeimy who lost the race by a very small number of votes feels that was affected by Wong’s duplicity.

Dow Jones Publishing (Asia)- The publishing company owned by Media Mogul Ruport Murdoch was on the receiving end of Angie Wong’s frivolous litigation patterns.  Wong who claimed to work in the media for 15 years in Asia was fired after just two weeks of working with this respected media firm. Wong then sued the news agency for hindering her ability to work LINK:

NY POST– A former congressional candidate from Georgia claims Wong stole a NY Post published story about the border accredited to Angie Wong and a former associate of Wong’s states Wong admitted she did not author the story but used a ghost writer.

Hilary Powell Alum: CBS.PBS.Oprah – According to Angie Wong’s texts. Powell , a journalist , contacted Angie Wong directly . This investigator has not yet spoken with Powell but we infer from Angie Wong’s written communications (see below proofs) that Powell was investigating Wong’s background as Wong stated to Powell to be a graduate of the Columbia school of journalism and was also inquiring if she was a democrat pretending to be a republican.

Real America’s Voice – Wong used her association with RAV to commit an act of contractual fraud in a theft by deception scheme and attempted to do so with a second similar scheme.  Wong also used the unauthorized image of a RAV host in fundraising attempts from a fake website she published with a donate button that the board of Legacy PAC has no access to or knowledge where those incoming funds are disbursed. Wong is furthering her first ongoing criminal scheme of diverting funds to pay for bookings on the RAV network. Wong also approached RAV management with a pre-emptive mitigating cover story after receiving a June 8th cease and desist letter she denies receiving.

Authoring Reports: Angie Wong is telling her attorney’s this investigator did not author the reports. As stated above that is impossible as no third party has access to our firms report forms.  It is the opinion of the undersigned she is doing such in response to the fact a witness confirmed she used a ghost writer in her published NY Post story about the border. Wong , again, is seemingly reaching for something to deflect and discredit the investigation into her actions.  An investigation with portions now shared publicly which were prompted by her own escalations of publicizing defamatory statements against Jared Craig and the Fitzgerald’s who demonstrated good faith during the 10-day negotiations with Wong’s attorney. Those talks expired with Wong showing no good faith forcing Jared Craig to move forward with litigation and for the record Craig and The Fitzgerald’s have an obligation to cure the damage to their organizations reputation which would include exactly what this investigator is making public now! Also reminding the public Craig and Fitzgerald generously offered Angie Wong could quietly walk away from their business ventures without accountability to her actions, along with offering to sign an NDA keeping everything you have read here, and in the news section of this website, confidential but Wong’s own actions seem to indicate she wanted this information forced to the public, for reasons known to Angie Wong.  

The undersigned instructed Stan Fitzgerald to make calls to witnesses who were coming forward against Angie Wong with the undersigned being part of the call. Fitzgerald by his assistance in this investigation was collaborating in the probe. Fitzgerald is a retired police detective and was a court qualified expert in investigative methods, this investigator would be foolish not to utilize his experience and guidance.  Fitzgerald helped with report suggested outlines and at no time altered the content or substance of the probe findings, the undersigned reviewed all evidence and entered what was this investigators words into the finalized report. In contrast when Wong was collaborating on an investigation Wong attempted to write her own narrative in a report with paragraphs to be inserted as well as omitting facts that were pertinent to the investigation because they made Wong look culpable in an alleged money laundering scheme by a third party. Wong also attempted to pressure this investigator to add statements to a report that were false to benefit Wong’s motives of implicating a Trump bundler in unfounded criminal accusations.


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