Angie Wong coordinates with multiple liberal influencers giving credit to their defaming.


Angie Wong, self-described “conservative” columnist, retweets multiple liberals giving credit to their defaming of President Trump, Steve Bannon, John Fredericks, NFSC, Gavin Wax, Veterans for Trump, Andy Ogles , Paul Gosar, Stan Fitzgerald, Jared Craig, and Cait Corrigan.

Wong is attacking the MAGA Movement yet claims she supports 45. Playing both sides apparently to deflect from to 1.4-million-dollar lawsuit she faces.

Whomever the Lois Lane account is operated by (Will be identified as during the litigation) Wong says quote ” Keep up the Good Work” to the account that posts photos of Trump in prison and other vile things attacking the movement.

During our Spartan Investigation into Angie Wong these last few months we complied evidence pertaining to Angie Wong that she tried to hurt the Trump campaign twice.  Angie Wong has sued a media company for terminating her employment after two weeks, sued her family as well as having sued lawyers. Angie Wong’s own sister has given a sworn statement accusing Angie of theft, misappropriation of funds and duplicity. Esther Mak Wong Angie Wong’s own mother states she committed bank fraud by using her name (mother) to illegally transfer funds. Angie Wong accused Gloria Starr Kins, who is a 96-year-old United Nations Journalist of defamation requesting a cease-and-desist order to use in an alleged litigation scheme. Angie Wong attempted to fabricate an accusation against public figure, and Trump pundit. Gavin Wax involving three female complaints. Several people in the media have questioned Wongs ethics. BLAKPAC political action committee members and donors came forward to expose Angie Wong for misappropriations of funds. Angie Wong’s embezzlement scheme was proven to criminal prosecution standards with a legally recorded call. Angie Wong’s cease and desist letter she posted (in response to ours that she received prior) has been totally disproven as just her own false statements. Wong handled her time as Legacy PAC president with the most bizarre actions all off which have been documented. Wong attempted to shut down a conservative newsroom. Wong filed a false FEC report, a federal crime and has been sued for stealing a dog. These proofs are all available by clicking the news tab on this website.

Also see Grant Stinchfield shared the statement of Stan Fitzgerald, Veterans for Trump President, on the ousting of Angie Wong from the organization on his twitter feed point out Wong was not a good look and thanking Fitzgerald for his transparency.

UPDATE : From 8-27-23

Account Peter Baker with Zero Followers and Zero following logs onto Stan Fitzgerald’s page attacks President Trump . Attacks Fitzgerald , Defends Biden and then asks an indifferent question about Angie Wong


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