The Angie Wong BlakPAC recording exposing her duplicity and modus operandi


The Vet Voice Media is in possession of numerous legally recorded conversations , dozens of emails and hundreds of texts debunking Angie Wong’s accusations against others and debunking her defenses to ongoing Georgia litigation. The allegations against Wong are proven true. Hundreds of examples of evidence , not yet public , will be presented in a Georgia courtroom where Wong will ultimately stand trial.

Along the way as Wong issues false press statements, and attempts to venue shop, this media outlet has , in reaction to Wong’s statements , published samples of evidence to defend the victims of Wong’s defamation, as they are acting with integrity and helping to save the country while she continues with Alinsky tactics to spin a false narrative.

We also want to remind people the victims of Angie Wong offered forgiveness , treated her like family and even offered financial percentages for her to step down as a partner because her own actions were unethical . Rather than taking the NDA deal that would have avoided where we are now , she wanted to do as she previously did to her own family and attempt to take over the organization forcing the honest partners out. These are not talking points , this Wong family litigation is linked on this website. This statement about forgiving Wongs misdeeds is documented with written proofs and one can follow the ongoing investigation by reading from the oldest webpage on this site and then forward to understand this in chronological order. Wong is not a victim of anything other than her own actions and consequences.

The Tale of Two Accountants , the ongoing saga of the Mysterious Madam Wong.

Lets be very clear , in the legally made recording you are about to listen to with Thomas Datwyler he obviously does not know Stan Fitzgerald who called him. There is no collusion or relationship with Datwyler and Fitzgerald ,or the rest of Wong’s victims. We say two accountants because the statements from the Legacy PAC accountant Troy Brewer are also of the same status (See the witness statements on this news tab). Brewer was Wong’s pick for accountant of Legacy PAC he has no relationship with Stan Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald had not even spoken to Brewer until after Troy Brewer decided to block Angie Wong from sending money to herself questioning her ethics and authorization to do so stating Angie Wong sounded paranoid.

Listen to BlakPAC accountant Thomas Datwyler legally recorded June 2 , 2023 at 12:41pm LINK:

Now that you heard it for yourself , Wong NOT George Farrel was suspected of misappropriating BlakPAC funds, lets study what Wong said and when she said it. Lets look at the analogous modus operandi to see how these are repeated patterns by Wong through other litigation’s.

Examine Wong’s habitual litigation’s and you will find she A) in Hong Kong made accusations without evidence. The court ultimately ruled she had to pay expenses. B) In the Wong dog stealing case you will find she took statements out of context and said things making no sense to create a false narrative – exactly what she did when she was questioned by Jared Craig and Stan Fitzgerald about Legacy PAC book keeping to spin the narrative over to the consulting firm book keeping C) Wong ,with duplicity, took over a family business when they questioned her work ethics , exactly as she tried to do with Legacy PAC. D) In Wong’s most recent venue shopped whistleblower case , her effort to avoid accountability in Georgia , she states in the lawsuit that these recordings of witness statements do not exist. So what you just listened to does not exist in Wong’s World.

Anyone who understands law or investigations should read the previous lawsuits to see these clear patterns.

We also see the typical Democrat defense pattern , anyone questioning Wong is racist. Wong posed in front of a painting of communist dictator Mao and posted it on her own social media. Wong is seen smiling posing with a dictator who slaughtered millions of innocents. Anyone questioning why she would do such a thing is attacked by Wong as racist. Investigative Journalist Todd Wood called Wong for a quote on an expose he was writing about her which included her attacking Steve Bannon for working with the NFSC and her public response was that Todd Wood was racist called her CCP . Wong supplied no proof of this accusation against Todd Wood.

Regarding the NFSC : Below see the attached twitter post made by Wong on June 6 2023 wishing Bannon and the NFSC well , what changed between June 6 and August 8 2023 when she attacked Bannon and accused him and other Trump world officials of money laundering for the NFSC? That answer is Wong was accused of trying to steal from the NFSC in our Georgia Litigation so she attempted to dirty them up using what ever reach she has in her pay to play journalist audience. To be clear Wong was not a salaried journalist she paid to play one on networks that allowed this type of business. She is a customer here with these media appearances. Wong was willing to attack Steve Bannon to cover her own misdeeds with NFSC contracts through a consulting firm.

Now that we have laid the aforementioned groundwork to look at this in context lets examine the FEC complaint Wong filed against BlakPAC and made a public statement about (see below screen shot)

We have more BlakPAC recordings and more written evidence not yet public. We believe we have established , with these samples , that Thomas Datwyler did not warn Wong about George Farrel he called Wong because she had access to banking and asked her questions. When Wong was confronted she deflected to blaming George Farrell , which as we have established above , is her modus operandi.

If Wong’s letter to the FEC about BlakPAC contains false statements that is a federal crime.

Analogous here Wong when was asked about Legacy PAC books by Fitzgerald and Craig Madam Angie Wong was the ONLY person who had access to Legacy Bank banking at that time. To be clear Wong withheld access to the bank for months from the partners and this is proven with bank communications. The alinsky spin tactics by Wong claiming she had no access to L-Strategies books is debunked with written communications showing she was given login passwords. The entire L-Strategies bank statements are now public debunking her accusations.

What we have established is that Wong accuses her victims of what she is guilty of for the court of public opinion. Something she admitted in a statement given to the press about her venue shopped whistleblower case. Wong states she filed it for the court of public opinion. Folks you cant make this shit up.


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