Angie Wong proves circular reporting of her own fake news , sharing cloned website.

3-7-2024 Angie Wong @AngieWong has published countless examples of defamation towards VFAF , many of which are documented on this website in the news section reading from oldest to new for chronological order. Wong , in a paid press release , published that L-Strategies was funneling money from a non profit tied to VFAF. This […]

Patrick Collis films for forthcoming VFAF Veterans for Trump documentary

12-22-23 Veterans for America First aka Veterans for Trump National Ambassador Patrick Collis has filmed for a “Trump” Documentary With Chad Caton national ops director PRESS RELEASE : We are going to hold off releasing trailers or details until after the announcement , this is about promoting Trump not self promoting.”— Stan Fitzgerald VFAF […]

National media debunks Angie Wong Whistleblower allegations

11-15-23 The wire reviews L-Strategies bank records and publishes the self – proclaimed whistleblower allegations have been debunked According to Angie Wong her new podcast partner Ted Rall is a socialist. Link:

Where’s Wong ?

9-30-23 As we have reported earlier on this website , in the news tab , Process servers who went to Wong’s last known address said security told them she moved out. They also verified her listed unit was not occupied so they legally served her under Florida law through her LLC UPS address. This morning […]

Angie Wong Legacy PAC alleged misappropriation of funds new evidence

9-18-23 When our initial investigation began into Angie Wong the legacy PAC accountant, Troy Brewer, informed us that the 5-15-23 transfer of 3300.00 went to the Lee County FL GOP as payment for an April 2023 Trump event. Based on the notes that is what the FEC certified accountant believed, it’s also what Angie Wong […]

Angie Wong promotes liberal journalist who embedded herself into the MAGA movement.

8-22-24 Madam Wong has retweeted multiple liberal influencers recently giving the leftists credit for their defaming 45 and other MAGA movement leaders -see the news tab on this site for 20+ webpages of evidence on @Angiewong Angie Wong has now retweeted AMANDA TRAP HOUSE who is a liberal journalist that embedded herself undercover in the […]

Angie Wong attacks J.R. Majewski and Lauren Boebert

8-21-23 Recently General Flynn filmed with Stan Fitzgerald and Frank Panico for their forthcoming film “The Fall of Deceit” The general stated “Most Americans forget three hours ago; they don’t know history” For this reason, we are repeating some of the basic background information here before addressing the latest Angie Wong seemingly leftist agenda action. […]

Angie Wong The Witness Statements

8-10-23 Witness Statements now are public record Superior Court, Coweta County, Georgia, Docket SUV2023000784 filed on June 30, 2023. Cait Corrigan: former NY congressional candidate. Corrigan who was involved with Wong on the Delano contract stated she had no knowledge the Texas company was Angie Wong’s personal booker and recently Wong called her multiple times […]

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