Patrick Collis films for forthcoming VFAF Veterans for Trump documentary


Veterans for America First aka Veterans for Trump National Ambassador Patrick Collis has filmed for a “Trump” Documentary With Chad Caton national ops director


We are going to hold off releasing trailers or details until after the announcement , this is about promoting Trump not self promoting.”— Stan Fitzgerald VFAF Veterans for Trump grassroots President

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, December 22, 2023 / — From the pressroom of L-Strategies the official press of Veterans for Trump grassroots national

Veterans for America First aka Veterans for Trump announced the production of a film project to use supporting Donald J Trump for 47th president. The VFAF organization, as a team, is working on a confidential “Trump” film project that will be released in 2024 after a major campaign announcement on Veterans.

Filming started in what will be Donna and Stan Fitzgerald’s third film for the America First movement. The organizational team effort has tight lips about the project and title, but has leaked they already have filmed content from sitting members of congress , celebrities , flag officers and Trump campaign influencers that will come together to help President Donald Trump win his bid for our country’s highest office.

Patrick Collis has contributed to the project.

BIO : Patrick L. Collis, M.HS, PI, PPS Navy Veteran, His wife is currently Active Duty Navy 14 years, 3 sons Jackson 12, Landon 10 & Christopher 18.

Patrick holds a Masters in Human Services: concentration in Criminal Justice & Ministry from Regent University. Bachelors Degree in Human Services/minor in Psychology: concentration in Child & Criminal Psychology & Abnormal Personality Disorders from Old Dominion University.

Ordained Pastor since 2017 Chaplain at Freedom Fellowship Church, Virginia Beach, VA. Founder & President of: Spartan Investigations & Executive Protection. Licensed and Certified, Private Investigator, Personal Protection Officer, Fugitive Apprehension Agent, Bondsman. Investigator, Executive Protection Officer, Former Executive Protection Officer: Team Trump, Volunteer President Donald J. Trump 2024 presidential campaign South Carolina veterans for Trump coalition. Executive protection officer temporarily (One Day) for Virginia LT. G governor Winsome-Seers. Internal security and consulting, strategist: for multiple political candidates, public office officials and celebrities! Founder & Vice President of: Guardians-“United Against Violence” A nonprofit designed to provide protective services to victims of domestic violence at no cost. Former President of: Veterans For America First. National organization.President of: Veterans For America First Virginia Chapter.


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