Angie Wong promotes liberal journalist who embedded herself into the MAGA movement.


Madam Wong has retweeted multiple liberal influencers recently giving the leftists credit for their defaming 45 and other MAGA movement leaders -see the news tab on this site for 20+ webpages of evidence on @Angiewong

Angie Wong has now retweeted AMANDA TRAP HOUSE who is a liberal journalist that embedded herself undercover in the MAGA movement to create fake news hurting the effort to Save America. Wong proclaims to be a Trump supporter yet Wong retweets Marxists who attack our nation.

In this example Wong attacks Gavin Wax, a well-respected pundit for President Trump siding with the liberal journalist. Wax recently got a shout out from 45 and was invited to meet the president. Wong’s ongoing duplicity is dangerous to our movement and the lack of media attention to these facts allows her to continue as a self-proclaimed Trump supporting conservative columnist to further embed herself into our MAGA movement.


Virginia Veterans for America First