ANGIE WONG Attempted to fabricate a story about public figure Gavin Wax involving three female complaints for inappropriate conduct.


Angie Wong on numerous occasions would blame Gavin Wax for defamation, hurting her ability to work (she did not work, she was a customer in the media, not employee) and sabotaging events and/or other projects she was involved in or failed to complete successfully. Noting however she never attempted to litigate against Wax. On one occasion, in writing (see below) Angie Wong claimed Wax reported to Project Veritas that she was CCP and they were sending someone from James O’Keefe team to an event as an undercover to ask her questions on video, Fitzgerald told her to be prepared to answer.  

Gavin Wax is a well known and respected public figure in NY and former president of the NY young republicans.  Although Wax was high profile Stan Fitzgerald was unfamiliar with his work which is illustrated in the below screen shots as Fitzgerald had no idea who he was.  After numerous complaints by Wong, Stan Fitzgerald offered to do opposition research on Wax. Noting that Fitzgerald at the time did not know Wax and believed Wong’s position that she was a victim of political persecution because she was Asian.  Also noting opposition research is common practice in politics.

The services available from opposition research teams included information uncovered could be shared via text or email. Wong wanted to retain services that would disseminate “dirt” (Wong texted “did that thing happen”). Fitzgerald made it clear he would not be involved in any defamation schemes disseminating any dirt.  To this Wong stated that there were three litigation cases against Wax where he acted inappropriately with three different women. Fitzgerald told Wong to send him to dockets but she never did. Fitzgerald asked the opposition research team to verify these allegations Wong was making being that he acted inappropriately with women who filed against him. The team used a highly sophisticated computer program (see below scope image) that searched all of Wax’s social media including archived posts and specifically searched all public records of litigation or complaints made against Wax looking for any inappropriate conduct towards women.  The team told Fitzgerald that what Angie Wong was alleging did not happen. Not only did they say Angie Wong’s claims were unfounded they said that extensive deep dives turned up zero results and Wax was totally clean.

After Fitzgerald became aware Angie Wong was not truthful, he got in touch with Wax to learn more about his dealing with Angie Wong.  Wax was already aware that Wong was disseminating these unfounded defaming accusations about him. Wax then connected him with Tamara Lashchyk who is Podcast host and NY Republican activist.  This investigator was on a call with Fitzgerald and Lashchyk who stated in 2021 Angie Wong was assisting a Republican campaign where the candidate was her associate. Wong stated to Lashchyk that she was currently a Democrat. The two were at an event for the candidate and Wong stated  (redacted) which caused concern that Wong was attempting to have leverage on Republicans based on Wong’s interactions with the men.


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