Angie Wong attempted to file false FBI Report in effort to frame a Trump Bundler and Mike Lindell team member. New evidence release.


Photo credit: Live on Radio Sputnik with Angie Wong and Ted Rall – Wong as of today lists herself as co-host of the show “Final Countdown”.

Several months ago, at the beginning of this investigation by Spartan into Angie Wong , we on June 6th 2023 released a statement of facts explaining how Madam Angie Wong attempted to frame a high-profile Trump bundler (name still redacted) in an effort that may have hurt the Trump presidential campaign both with negative optics and a slow in fundraising.

This is the statement on this website from June as follows: April 2023 Angie Wong asked the undersigned to add a false statement about a Trump bundler to my P/I report that was being submitted to the FBI about a third party (Third party not affiliated with former president Trump or the bundler).  Wong than asked myself to appear on media hits with her to propagate the false statement about the Trump bundler which would have created unfounded negative media to the Trump presidential primary campaign. This appeared to be vindictive toward the bundler who made Wong apologize to dozens of donors who were given incorrect information by Wong pertaining to an event in Palm Beach. To be clear, the undersigned is a first party witness to this attempt by Wong to manipulate her position as a customer, paying through a booking service, to do media hits specifically to hurt the Trump campaign. Also, to be clear this action by Wong is documented, not just verbally, but she discussed it in writing making the evidence undeniable Wong attempted to do this.

Today we will release some of the written evidence which lead to our June 6th statement published on this website in the news section. The context needed to understand this is that our investigative firm was looking into the illegal scanning of sensitive UN documents by a third party who in a separate incident asked Wong to send a check to a Middle Eastern business rather than to a political event. Wong refused but ultimately agreed to divert the check elsewhere. This context is about the third party she gave money to in the form of a check that was diverted to another account other than the political event which was being sold (FEC Violation) . This was part of a possible alleged money laundering scheme by the third party who was acting alone with Wong. No one from Trump world was involved in the transaction but Wong wanted to implicate the Trump bundler and Jeff Sisk who is working with Mike Lindell on election integrity issues. Wong asked myself, Stan Fitzgerald , and Jared Craig to hold back evidence from the FBI which implicated her in the transaction and then attempted to fabricate involvement of others in what seems to be a pattern of accusing others of what she gets herself involved with.

Attached is Wong admitting her knowledge of knowingly sending funds other than to the fundraising event.

Attached is the scan of Wong’s check that was diverted elsewhere, and she asks if that gets her in trouble

Angie Wong here plans on reporting the incident in the media and to the FBI also acknowledging she needs a lawyer because she knowingly issued the check elsewhere.

In these following texts we confirm Wong knows the people she is implicating in an FBI report are not involved with the alleged illegal transaction that she knowingly and willingly conducted. She also accuses Stan Fitzgerald of protecting the Trump fundraiser but as you see it was clear Wong had no proof anyone other than herself was involved , it was just her unverifiable words , she had no “sources”. Further note she is trying to join two separate events to deflect and cover for her participation in the alleged scheme the sources are regarding an investigation into the acquiring of sensitive UN documents in NYC by the same third party who diverted Wong’s check , they had no knowledge of the political event and said diverted check. The Trump fundraiser and Jeff Sisk were victims of the third party in separate schemes they were not complicit in the diverted check Wong wrote.

The Pattern here is the third party at one point was working in unison with Wong , the Trump fundraiser embarrassed Wong and Jeff Sisk warned people of her ill intent at Mar-A-Lago. Wong then goes on to use her alleged journalism skills to create a story and FBI report to hurt the people she has personal issues with or accuse them of her wrong doings. We have documented this pattern numerous times all available on this website in the news tab.

The diverted check and the attempt to file a false FBI report both are alleged federal crimes.


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