Angie Wong The Witness Statements


Witness Statements now are public record Superior Court, Coweta County, Georgia, Docket SUV2023000784 filed on June 30, 2023.

Cait Corrigan: former NY congressional candidate. Corrigan who was involved with Wong on the Delano contract stated she had no knowledge the Texas company was Angie Wong’s personal booker and recently Wong called her multiple times acting erratic and on one occasion accused Corrigan of committing fraud with a ministry to pressure her into re-working a contractual business deal away from L-Strategies to Wong’s personal interests.

Joshua Delano: personal media booker for Angie Wong. Delano stated Wong instructed him to mark up the fee $2K on a contract she unilaterally drew without her partners knowledge to credit her personal media hits as padding the account and this admission was legally recorded and submissible as evidence.

Thomas Datwyler: former accountant for BlakPAC. Datwyler stated the reason he resigned from BlakPAC was because Angie Wong was misappropriating PAC monies, and he would not be responsible for trying to justify the transfers she authorized.

George Farrell Blak-PAC founder. Farrell stated Angie Wong misappropriated a five-thousand-dollar donation from donors Melissa and Dan Brunner of Georgia. He stated quote “It disappeared” Farrell went on to say Wong has ruined his reputation and ability to have gainful employment by accusing him of what she was guilty of.

Gavin Wax: Prominent NY Young Republican president and well-known public figure. Wax was among the members of the first political network to encounter Wong interacting with a Republican politician. Wax stated Wong claimed to be a political consultant in NY yet that was unverifiable any history of such existed. Wong stated she worked for Facebook and Google, that is unverifiable. Wax stated congresswoman Elise Stefaniks office told him congressional investigators reported Angie Wong’s background check raised red flags and that she had been banned from events. Wax stated he received a call from Bernie Kerick who was investigating Wong for nefarious activities on behalf of Team Trump.

Nick Britton: Fundraiser who Wong unilaterally and covertly (did not tell the board) engaged to seek donations to Legacy PAC. Britton stated that somewhere between $2500- $4000 was raised through his efforts into a stripe account Wong created. Jared Craig is unaware of the stripe account. Britton stated that she seemed to make confusing, unusual decisions when a check for 20K came in from a donor and ultimately the donor stopped payment on that check. NOTE: The PAC at that time was at a $5K donor limit , Wong without board approval , unliterally changed the legal status of the pac to be able to attempt to deposit the check.

Jeffrey Sisk:– Sisk is a Mar-A-Lago donor, former tech world high profile at one time and current owner of the platform. Sisk stated Angie Wong tried to steal his contacts to produce a documentary about President Trump and cut him out seeking investors to do it herself using his team. Sisk also stated regarding another project she over promised, did not deliver, and disappeared after he introduced her to United Nations press correspondent Gloria Kins.

Gloria Kins , a long time UN press agent, stated Wong came to her house and wanted to use her connections with the UN to make millions in republican politics. Kin refused to monetize her connections for Wong. Kins stated Wong is a Democrat and had a high-profile Democrat accompany her on another occasion to her home. (Legally recorded call)

Alex Fahmey: Newsmax assistant to owner Chris Ruddy and advertising sales rep. Fahmey stated Angie Wong set up an account at Newsmax with only her name on it as authorized user and then referred Veterans for Trump to Fahmey as a client expecting some sort of compensation or consideration for doing so. Fahmey knowing Wong was business partners with Fitzgerald advised him of the scheme to cheat her business partners and changed the Legacy PAC account into the name of Jared Craig, PAC Attorney.

Tamara Lashchyk: Podcast host and NY Republican activist. Tamara stated in 2021 Angie Wong was assisting a Republican campaign where the candidate was her associate. Wong stated to Lashchyk that she was currently a Democrat. The two were at an event for the candidate and Wong stated to Lashchyk quote “I have slept with every guy in this room”. Lashchyk has concerns that Wong is using honey pot traps to blackmail prominent Republicans.

Deborah Adeimy:  Adeimy , a former Palm Beach county candidate , describes Wong’s character as “Shady”. Adeimy states Wong, without permission from candidates, was using their names in fundraising efforts. Adeimy states Wong lied to a reporter regarding an endorsement of Blak-PAC for her campaign stating it was not issued and believes Wong gave the endorsement to a felon running for office because it may have benefitted Wong personally. Adeimy supplied the journalist with proofs she was endorsed by Blak-PAC including texts from Wong, social media and emails.

Troy Brewer: Legacy PAC accountant. Brewer states Wong attempted to transfer funds AFTER she was voted off the board of the PAC. Wong attempted to wire herself funds as well as a candidate and sitting member of congress (names redacted). Noting the candidate and congressman were both potential clients of Wong’s personal business ventures of which she did not include her L-Strategies business partners. Brewer stated Wong sounded paranoid.

Jim Marchant Senate Campaign Team – Angie Wong took payment for a service she did not deliver though the legacy pac bank account (Wong was the only partner with access to the bank account at this time)

Terry Namkung – Former Congressional Candidate – Wong told Namkung if he sold a certain amount of tickets for a political fundraising event he would get a free photo with a high level political figure that other people were paying for. Namkung did so and Wong did not deliver what he bundled for , that is an FEC violation.

Russ Taub a well-known political consultant – Taub states that Angie Wong’s defamatory accusations shared on her social media, specifically the false (actually proven false) accusations supplied to Georgia attorney Alex Kauffman have caused a wide footprint of damage to the reputations of Jared Craig , Stan Fitzgerald , Legacy Pac , VFAF Veterans for Trump and L-Strategies consulting where as candidates are spreading these accusations through political networks assuming Wong is “truthful” as she is still using the title of Legacy PAC president a board of which she has been lawfully removed.

John Fredricks (conducted in person) – John Fredericks confirmed he did not authorize Angie Wong to use his image for fundraising on her new unauthorized website

Vicky Richter– Richter is a German Journalist Reporter who does investigative journalism in the US and Latin America for numerous international publications. Richter relayed the following information pertaining to Angie Wong’s journalism history and trip to the border in January 2022: Wong stole proprietary photographs of the Arizona border taken by Richter and used them in her (Wong’s)own reporting on the Texas border trip. TO BE CLEAR, not only did Wong use the photos without crediting Richter they were not from the Texas border but another location. When Richter confronted Wong about this Wong told Richter she would be compensated financially for the use of the photos but instead of paying she blocked richer on all social media. Richter saved screen shots of these communications and has supplied them to the undersigned. When asked about the background of Wong pre-dating the 2022 border trip, Richter stated it is nonexistent she has never seen any of work she claims to have done in journalism. Richter went on to say she believes Wong has had her blocked from certain event because Richter knows Wong’s claims to be a journalist is fraudulent.

Those wanting more information should refer to the filed lawsuit or contact Investigator Patrick Collis as well as study all the news tab webpages on this site.


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