Angie Wong attacks investigative journalist Todd Wood with zero evidence.

9-8-23 Todd Wood is a well-respected journalist that owns the Georgia Record and other publications. The Georgia Record has been instrumental in covering election integrity investigations and exposing the establishment in Georgia. L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. […]

Angie Wong attacks J.R. Majewski and Lauren Boebert

8-21-23 Recently General Flynn filmed with Stan Fitzgerald and Frank Panico for their forthcoming film “The Fall of Deceit” The general stated “Most Americans forget three hours ago; they don’t know history” For this reason, we are repeating some of the basic background information here before addressing the latest Angie Wong seemingly leftist agenda action. […]

Angie Wong coordinates with multiple liberal influencers giving credit to their defaming.

8-8-23 Angie Wong, self-described “conservative” columnist, retweets multiple liberals giving credit to their defaming of President Trump, Steve Bannon, John Fredericks, NFSC, Gavin Wax, Veterans for Trump, Andy Ogles , Paul Gosar, Stan Fitzgerald, Jared Craig, and Cait Corrigan. Wong is attacking the MAGA Movement yet claims she supports 45. Playing both sides apparently to […]

Angie Wong Public Court Documents

6-17-23 Angie Wong has sued a media company for terminating her employment after two weeks, sued her family as well as having sued lawyers. Angie Wong’s own sister has given a sworn statement accusing Angie of theft, misappropriation of funds and duplicity. Esther Mak Wong Angie Wong’s own mother states she committed bank fraud by using her […]

Angie Wong attempted to hurt the Trump Campaign … twice.

First Threat by Wong to nationally embarrass President Trump and one of his bundlers using her position in the media (guest via paid hits/booker, Wong is a customer not a salaried reporter) as credentials for her credibility in making an accusation: Mar-A-Lago member name and bundler information redacted at the request of client.  Incident specifics […]

Steve Maxwell for Virginia Spotsylvania County Sheriff endorsed by Virginia Veterans for America First.

8-1-23 Patrick Collis Virginia Veterans for America First State Chapter President announced the endorsement of Steve Maxwell for Virginia Spotsylvania County Sheriff. Press : “I am honored to announce my endorsement for Elect Maxwell Sheriff for Spotsylvania County Sheriff! Through Steve Maxwell he will “Make Spotsylvania VA Law Enforcement Great Again” Police officers across Virginia will […]

Virginia Veterans for America First