Angie Wong attempted to hurt the Trump Campaign … twice.

First Threat by Wong to nationally embarrass President Trump and one of his bundlers using her position in the media (guest via paid hits/booker, Wong is a customer not a salaried reporter) as credentials for her credibility in making an accusation:

Mar-A-Lago member name and bundler information redacted at the request of client.  Incident specifics redacted at the request of client.  Separate report on this threat to harm the Trump campaign was issued to the bundler who instructed this investigator to turn over that redacted information to congressman (name redacted) who is thought to be employing Wong as a consultant. The client instructs only law enforcement, congressional members or Team Trump can view unredacted report. 

In April 2023 Angie Wong asked the undersigned to add a false statement about a Trump bundler to my P/I report that was being submitted to the FBI about a third party (Third party not affiliated with former president Trump or the bundler).  Wong than asked myself to appear on media hits with her to propagate the false statement about the Trump bundler which would have created unfounded negative media to the Trump presidential primary campaign. This appeared to be vindictive toward the bundler who made Wong apologize to dozens of donors who were given incorrect information by Wong pertaining to an event in Palm Beach. To be clear, the undersigned is a first party witness to this attempt by Wong to manipulate her position as a customer, paying through a booking service, to do media hits specifically to hurt the Trump campaign. Also, to be clear this action by Wong is documented, not just verbally, but she discussed it in writing making the evidence undeniable Wong attempted to do this.

Second Threat by Wong to nationally embarrass President Trump

On 6-5-23 the undersigned received a statement from an eye witness who attended an event in New Jersey hosted by the NFSC on 6-4-23 where Angie Wong was in attendance. The New Federal State of China (NFSC) is a political movement or lobby group created by Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon, with the stated aim of overthrowing the Chinese Communist Party.  The witness stated Wong was at first invited to speak at the event and listed as a VIP but event organizers confirmed red flags regarding Wong and removed her from the speakers list blocking her entry to the VIP area.  The eye witness stated that Wong showed her phone which was open to a page on a website owned by the undersigned (my site) titled Virginia Veterans for America First of which the undersigned is State Chapter president.  The shot showing the website had red circles drawn around the donate button. Wong stated to the witness the donate button was in FEC violation because the undersigned (myself) works with the PAC .

Wong stated to the witness; “This will make Team Trump look very bad that Patrick Collis who worked security for the Team Trump bus tour (May 2022)  is involved in an FEC violation “ said Angie Wong to a third party witness.

Client Requests my written response to the accusation by Wong on donate buttons:

First note that Wong is under the misconception VFAF is a PAC, it is NOT, making her entire accusation unfounded. My clients confirm Wong stated monies from the VFAF PAC should not mix with consulting firm funds, partners replied it is not a PAC and the process has written legal opinion to be within the law.  Second: according to the clear written legal opinion from March 1st 2023 Wong, who is not an attorney, is incorrect in her “legal” opinion. The undersigned no longer sits on any PAC board AND the donate button was never connected anyways. Wong failed to make a test donation to see where the funds went, if she would have, she would have known it was not connected. The site is a relatively new venture and we had not finished the banking set ups. Lastly, Wong herself approved of being VFAF Florida state chapter president with the same donate button plan for future fundraising, Wong in my professional opinion attempted to create a pseudo scandal to discredit those who were investigating her. The undersigned recommended all donate buttons be disabled pending second written legal opinion.




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