Where’s Wong ?

9-30-23 As we have reported earlier on this website , in the news tab , Process servers who went to Wong’s last known address said security told them she moved out. They also verified her listed unit was not occupied so they legally served her under Florida law through her LLC UPS address. This morning […]

Angie Wong Legacy PAC alleged misappropriation of funds new evidence

9-18-23 When our initial investigation began into Angie Wong the legacy PAC accountant, Troy Brewer, informed us that the 5-15-23 transfer of 3300.00 went to the Lee County FL GOP as payment for an April 2023 Trump event. Based on the notes that is what the FEC certified accountant believed, it’s also what Angie Wong […]

Angie Wong attacks investigative journalist Todd Wood with zero evidence.

9-8-23 Todd Wood is a well-respected journalist that owns the Georgia Record and other publications. The Georgia Record has been instrumental in covering election integrity investigations and exposing the establishment in Georgia. L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. […]

Defendant Angie Wong has been served with process on both lawsuits.

9-5-23 Wong has been avoiding service on the first lawsuit since June 30th 2023. Both civil actions have now been served. Pursuant to Florida law Statute 48.031 (6.) service of her Angie Wong LLC registered agent is a valid service. Please see attached proof of service affidavits on defendant Wong who has 30 days to […]

Angie Wong promotes liberal journalist who embedded herself into the MAGA movement.

8-22-24 Madam Wong has retweeted multiple liberal influencers recently giving the leftists credit for their defaming 45 and other MAGA movement leaders -see the news tab on this site for 20+ webpages of evidence on @Angiewong Angie Wong has now retweeted AMANDA TRAP HOUSE who is a liberal journalist that embedded herself undercover in the […]

Angie Wong attacks J.R. Majewski and Lauren Boebert

8-21-23 Recently General Flynn filmed with Stan Fitzgerald and Frank Panico for their forthcoming film “The Fall of Deceit” The general stated “Most Americans forget three hours ago; they don’t know history” For this reason, we are repeating some of the basic background information here before addressing the latest Angie Wong seemingly leftist agenda action. […]

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