Patrick Collis films for forthcoming VFAF Veterans for Trump documentary

12-22-23 Veterans for America First aka Veterans for Trump National Ambassador Patrick Collis has filmed for a “Trump” Documentary With Chad Caton national ops director PRESS RELEASE : We are going to hold off releasing trailers or details until after the announcement , this is about promoting Trump not self promoting.”— Stan Fitzgerald VFAF […]

Angie Wong Conservative news commentator, sued for embezzlement and defamation in Georgia after a Spartan Investigation

7-3-23 Angie Wong former Legacy PAC president and conservative news commentator sued for embezzlement and defamation. Wong who appeared on Fox News, Real America’s Voice and other conservative news outlets is being sued in Coweta County Georgia for alleged embezzlement by L-Strategies after Spartan Investigations yields damming evidence. PRESS ROOM LINK : NEWNAN, Ga. […]

Angie Wong “THE BOOKER TAPES” Criminal scheme explained with audio proof download.

6-26-23 *DISCLAIMER : All accusations are “alleged” at this point Angie Wong was caught by her L-Strategies consulting firm business partners, Jared Craig and Stan Fitzgerald, illegally diverting funds from their consulting firm account to be used towards her personal business interests.  The numbers did not add up and partners pulled the contract Wong submitted. […]

Virginia State Chapter of Veterans for America First Endorsement alert, Kimberly Lowe for US Senate

4-5-23 VA VFAF State Chapter has issued an endorsement of Kimberly Lowe for US Senate announced President Patrick Collis PRESS RELEASE LINK : VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – April 5, 2023 – PRLog — Veterans for Trump aka Veterans for America First VA VFAF State Chapter has issued an endorsement of Kimberly Lowe for US Senate announced President Patrick Collis. […]

Veterans for Trump Represented at VA Vietnam War Veterans Day by VA VFAF State Chapter

March 29, 2023 Virginia Veterans for America First state chapter President Patrick Collis represented the VFAF Organization at the Virginia War Memorial PRESS RELEASE LINK : Fifty years ago, the United States signed the Paris Peace Accords with the northern and southern governments of Vietnam, as well as the Viet Cong. That agreement essentially […]

Virginia Veterans for America First