Veterans for Trump Represented at VA Vietnam War Veterans Day by VA VFAF State Chapter

March 29, 2023 Virginia Veterans for America First state chapter President Patrick Collis represented the VFAF Organization at the Virginia War Memorial


Fifty years ago, the United States signed the Paris Peace Accords with the northern and southern governments of Vietnam, as well as the Viet Cong. That agreement essentially ended the nearly 20-year war in the country, freeing tens of thousands of war prisoners and bringing them home.

The Virginia War Memorial in Richmond on Wednesday commemorated the anniversary by inviting veterans to the site for Vietnam War Veterans Day.  Veterans for America first Virginia chapter was in attendance represented by the president Patrick Collis.

The event dovetailed with the new “Fifty Years Beyond: The Vietnam War Experience” exhibit that highlights Virginian soldiers of that conflict.  Author Barbara Powers Wyatt also spoke about her recently re-released book “We Came Home: The Firsthand Stories of Vietnam POWs.”  the chapter president for Virginia. VFAF had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Wyatt, and thanking her for being the voice for the POWs.

That evening, Patrick Collis announced the inception of the Virginia veterans for America first chapter while also showing the support for Kimberly Lowe, who is running for US Senate in Virginia by becoming VFAF Virginia’s first official endorsement.

Patrick Collis spoke with POW Capt. Eugene B. “Red” McDaniel, USN (Ret.)

VFAF Virginia’s president also had the honor of speaking with Virginia’s state senator Amanda Chase discussing her platform, and how she intends to help the Virginia veterans across-the-board from benefits to job placement.


Virginia Veterans for America First