Robert E. Turffs hit with Bar Complaint for Negligence in his handling of Angie Wong Whistleblower case.


The Vet Voice Media Outlet has received the following documents from a Florida source with confirmation the Bar Complaint was filed by Stan Fitzgerald.

To: The Florida Bar – ATTN : ACAP

651 East Jefferson Street

Tallahassee , Florida 32399-2300

VIA Email : [email protected]

Also via US Mail with delivery confirmation 

CC: [email protected]

CC: [email protected]


RE: Bar complaint lodged against Robert Edwin Turffs “Robert”

Bar Number 363391

4837 Swift Rd Ste 100-11

Sarasota, FL 34231-5157

Office: 941-953-9009

Charge lodged by Stan Fitzgerald

Veterans for America First aka Veterans for Trump national president

Legacy PAC founder

L-Strategies founding partner

Address – C/O attorney Jared Craig Address: 20 Baker Rd #5, Newnan, GA 30265

Phone : 770-707-6291

Charge against Mr. Robert Edwin Turffs : Negligence

Mr Turffs Client, Madam Angie Wong aka Angie Wong SIE YING , is already a defendant in multiple Georgia litigations over the same facts contained in Turffs filed complaint. The same website Turffs pulled his screen shots from, which he used in his complaint, also clearly shows a Judicial court order was entered in Georgia based on the evidence. He would presumably also know Madam Wong’s attorneys have filed motions in Georgia and its an active ongoing case Wong is litigating warranting a motion to dismiss his case.  Turffs is hereby also charged with Venue Shopping based on these facts.

Turffs ignored evidence on same website proving his complaint materially false also negligence on his part. As an experienced attorney who read the evidence ,which he screen shot and attached to his complaint, he would see it was clearly indicated police reports were filed in Georgia pertaining to Madam Wong’s thoroughly proven acts , FBI reports were filed based on  Madam Wong’s thoroughly proven acts and FEC Complaints were filed Madam Wong’s thoroughly proven acts all with a jurisdiction in Georgia.  Turffs would know as an experienced attorney this raises a motion to dismisses for forum non covenies as multiple Georgia law enforcement agents from multiple agencies will be called in the Georgia case.  

On May 9th 2008 the Sarasota Herald Tribune ran a quote about Mr Turffs strategy in the practice of law. The quote is as follows : “If one buys into all of Turffs’ arguments, you would seem to buy into an outrageous suggestion that a settlement agent can do illegal and unethical acts as part of the handling of a real estate closing as long as there is no apparent harm done,” said James Palmer in an e-mail message sent to the Herald-Tribune after the trial. “If you accept the argument, you must first forget that the settlement agent, as in this case, is a lawyer and officer of the court and has fiduciary responsibilities.  

November 18, 2008 in the online reviews attached to Robert Edwin Turffs is a negative review post stating quote : Complaint to FL bar Considering Malpractice suit –

The Florida bar website does not show this complaint mentioned online from 2008 and our national Veterans organization, representing tens of millions of veterans, which his client Madam Angie Wong has defamed, in Georgia, would expect the bar to do a much more thorough investigation into this new complaint with more public transparency. We request to be notified of all hearings and procedures the bar takes now going forward so we can have our representatives and legal team present as observers into this negligent conduct by your member.  

Establishing the Negligence charge :

Docket 2023 CA-185046505

Complaint filed :

Filing # 185046505 E-Filed 10/30/2023 01:03:35 PM by Mr. Robert Edwin Turffs

Press release sourced to Madam Angie Wong

Further , Madam Angie Wong claims she had no access to the bank account, if true  she can’t possibly provide evidence of any financial misappropriation so again Negligence by Turff. Lastly the bank statements in question are public record , on the same website Turffs has visited , proving the allegation by Wong false yet Turffs proceeded with the complaint filing.

Proof page 3 lines 11- 12 of the complaint states Wong was “forced” out for her requests to see the books and offered an NDA to hide alleged actions by her partners. On the same website Mr Robert Edwin Turffs has studied are written proofs establishing Wong was able to access the books and the written communications stating exactly why Wong was legally voted off the boards and offered an NDA. Those reasons , which Wong acknowledged  receiving , were assumingly viewed by Mr Turffs . Wong rather than take an NDA to cover her own actions decided to create a false narrative for the ability to litigate.  Many would refer to Wong as a habitual litigator.

Published email to Wong with reasons of her removal

Published email to Wong with NDA

Madam Wong’s litigious history :

Angie Wong has sued a media company for terminating her employment after two weeks, sued her family as well as having sued lawyers. Angie Wong’s own sister has given a sworn statement accusing Angie of theft, misappropriation of funds and duplicity. Esther Mak Wong Angie Wong’s own mother states she committed bank fraud by using her name (mother) to illegally transfer funds.

Angie Wong sues attorney LINK:

Angie Wong sues Dow Jones Publishing (Asia) owner of the Wire news service LINK. :

Wendy Wong (sister of Angie Wong) gives sworn deposition LINK:

Deposition of Esther Mak Wong (Mother of Angie Wong) LINK:

Angie Wong has been sued for stealing a dog.

L-Strategies Partners Stan Fitzgerald and Jared Craig filed a 1.4 million lawsuit against self-proclaimed Whistle Blower Angie Wong for embezzlement and defamation in June 2023.

The litigation, Plaintiff L-Strategies, LLC v. Defendant Angie Wong (aka Angie Wong Sie Ying), has been filed with the Clerk of Superior Court, Coweta County, Georgia, Docket SUV2023000784 on June 30, 2023, 04:23 PM.

Source :

The lawsuit alleges that Wong diverted funds from the business partners to her personal interests and when confronted by the partners publicly called them “White Supremacists” 

The lawsuit contains multiple third-party witness statements legally recorded by Private Investigator Patrick Collis attesting to Wong’s character.  The recorded statements include what is allegedly an admission from Wong’s media booker Joshua Delano outlining the scheme by Wong to divert funds from her business partners to pay for his services billed to her personal account.

The private investigator findings have also been published at

“I think it is quite clear we are the actual whistleblowers,” said Patrick Collis

In a second filing Legacy Pac Partners Stan Fitzgerald and Jared Craig filed a 272,500.00 lawsuit against Angie Wong for Tortious Interference with Business, Defamation/Libel, Conversion/Trover in August 2023.

The Litigation America First Legacy PAC filed a petition against former President Angie Wong. Filing Date: 8/22/2023 at 4:34 PM Filer: Jared Craig Peach #: E-PHDVP5Q5 Case #: SUV2023000996


The Lawsuit alleges:  Wong was not capable of running an event nor running a political action committee. Wong withheld bank account access from November 8th 2022 through May 28th, 2023

Wong never repaid Stan Fitzgerald for the kickoff event. Pac Accountant Troy Brewer states Wong likely redirected the fundraising portals. After being voted off the board Wong attempted to close the legacy PAC bank account directing funds to herself and two others. After being voted off the board Wong refused to transfer access to Legacy PAC social media and fundraising portals and defiantly proclaimed herself still president.

The lawsuit further alleges: Wong called Craig and Fitzgerald “Grifters , Fraudsters , Con men and Scammers” although Craig and Fitzgerald never received one dollar from Legacy PAC , Wong was the only member requesting salary. Wong regularly and systematically caused Craig and Fitzgerald to pay for Legacy PAC expenses out of their personal funds. Wong called Veterans for Trump “Fake” and attempted to interfere with Legacy PACs fundraising efforts for congresswoman Lauren Boebert. Wong is dodging service (avoiding process service)

A court order was issued Oct 2 , 2023 by Honorable, Erica Tisinger, Judge Superior Court of Coweta County Georgia Case #: SUV2023000996. Judge Tisinger signed a Temporary Protective Order and Immediate Injuctive relief which stated the following:

Page 1 – Paragraph 3

Defendant, Angie Wong, is alleged in the verified petition dated August 22. 2023 to have improperly retained ownership and control of various social media, financial, and donation portal accounts in the name of Plaintiff following her involuntary removal from Plaintiffs political organization on May 30. 2023. The allegations contained in Plaintiffs petition include Wong’s

Page 2 – Paragraph 1-2

Continued unauthorized use of Plaintiff’s accounts to create malicious defamatory public statements concerning Plaintiff, its members, and its Board of Directors. Additionally, Wong is alleged to have created new unauthorized websites, social media accounts, and vendor accounts in Plaintiff’s name.

Following Wong’s removal from Plaintiff’s organization on May 30, 2023, Wong refused to acknowledge the involuntary removal. Notwithstanding, Wong continued to appear on television and radio shows bearing the misrepresentation that she was the President of Legacy PAC. Wong is alleged to have retained the unauthorized exclusive use of the website, Legacy PAC Facebook Account, Legacy PAC Twitter/X Account, and continues to use those accounts to defame Plaintiff and its members.

Plaintiffs petition avers that prior to filing this action, that Wong refused to act in good faith to transfer her control and unauthorized access to the remaining members of Legacy PAC and she is now hiding and concealing herself from personal service

Page 3 -Paragraph 1.

On a temporary basis, and until further order of this Court, Defendant, Angie Wong, is hereby immediately enjoined and restrained from any and all continued use of the following names in social media posts, social media comments, television/radio appearances, contracts, or for any other purpose: America First Legacy Political Action Committee, America First Legacy PAC, Legacy-PAC, or Legacy PAC.

Page 3 – Paragraph 2.

Defendant, Angie Wong, is hereby immediately enjoined and restrained from making any comments, including reposting on social media, broadcast or cable television, radio and/or any other public forum concerning America First Legacy Political Action Committee, America First Legacy PAC, Legacy-PAC, Legacy PAC, or Board of Directors: Jared B. Craig, Esq., Stan Fitzgerald, and Mark Finchem.

Page 3 -Paragraph 3.

Defendant, Angie Wong, is hereby immediately enjoined and restrained from opening any new account with any third-party for any purposes in the following names: America First Legacy Political Action Committee, America First Legacy PAC, Legacy-PAC, or Legacy PAC.

Page 3- Paragraph 4.

Defendant, Angie Wong, is hereby immediately ordered and directed to transfer any and all access and use of any social media account, financial account, fundraising portal account, or any other third-party vendor account concerning Plaintiff in her control to Plaintiff herein immediately. In the event Angie Wong fails to make said transfers included herein, this Order shall stand to direct any firm, company, administrator, or institution located in this State or any other State who maintains any account controlled by Angie Wong in the names of America First Legacy Political Action Committee, America First Legacy PAC, Legacy-PAC, or Legacy PAC to transfer said account to the exclusive ownership and control to Plaintiff within a reasonable time following their receipt, or notice of this Order.



Virginia Veterans for America First