Defendant Angie Wong repackages same lies. L-Strategies release bank records debunking the lipstick on a pig rework.


Approximately five months ago Angie Wong was removed from her positions at Legacy PAC, VFAF Veterans for Trump and L-Strategies. Those reasons were put in writing and available in the news section of this website, scroll through all the webpages. Wong at that time claimed not to receive a Cease-and-Desist order from GA attorney Courtney Kramer, retaining a Georgia lawyer to issue her own cease and desist. The cease-and-desist order accusing her former business partners of what she actually did, an apparent Alinsky tactic, was a pinned social media post until recently.

Wong currently faces multiple litigations in Georgia for almost 2 million dollars combined. Details on this website in the news sections – see all webpages. Wong then hid from process servers for months and defied a Coweta County GA court order. Days before a judgement against her would be issued she retained counsel and instead of filing her counter claims in Georgia , Defendant Wong opened a Florida case repackaging the same lies , putting lipstick on the pig. Wong then used the same gaslighting method of posting and publishing the repackaged lies to sway public opinion.

In our opinion her main accusations accuse racial defamation, illegal business practices and attempts to force Wong to sign an NDA.

A) The NDA was to protect Wong , the business partners were forgiving her diverting 2K to her personal interests and made a very generous offer for her to depart without criminal reports being made or civil litigation. These facts and written communications are on this website in the news section scroll through all tabs.

B) There was no racial defamation, a photo of Wong was shared of her posing in front of the communist Chinese dictator who slaughtered millions. Wong posed for that photo and shared it on HER OWN SOCIAL MEDIA – Wong then made false statements that business partners called her CCP providing no evidence and just her own circular reporting to make the accusation. Circular reporting meaning she is the source of the fabricated report. Only Wong mentioned CCP. The photo was shared with no accusations made by the former business partners and was done to show poor taste on Wong’s part.

C) L-Strategies business practices – Wong accuses her former business partners of taking political donations through a Non-Profit being VFAF. Stan Fitzgerald and Jared Craig were never part of the VFAF non-profit board, their titles were honorary. They had no access to non-profit banking or any vote on board decisions. When Stan Fitzgerald was named president the VFAF board voted to dissolve the non-profit and move forward as a politcal club. L-Strategies assumed ownership of the VFAF website and operates it as a politcal social club. This was announced pubically at the time in a press release Angie Wong contributed to , she was well aware of this but still maintains her knowingly false statements. SEE :

Stating the obvious, Wong claims to have never had access to L-Strategies banking, that is false. Written proof shows she was given the login’s multiple times. But if one were to assume that statement true, she obviously has no evidence of her accusations. Accusations to which she filed a false FEC report , a federal crime.

Also obvious, in our opinion, is Wong’s use of Newsmax and Fox News screen shots (unrelated media appearances she paid to be on as a customer) trying to make her defamation credible.

To end this Wong repackaged lie, the L-Strategies firm is releasing their bank statements which clearly show no “donations” came in , peeling off the lipstick on the pig . Vlad Lemets was paid to build franchise style websites and the only single “Stripe” payment that came in was our firm testing the stripe system. The bank statements below prove Wong is defaming L-Strategies and filed a knowingly false FEC report , a federal crime. They also prove her “Whistleblower” claim fake news and frivolous litigation.

To be clear the pig is the previously disproven accusation, not a person.


Virginia Veterans for America First