REPORT : Angie Wong blocks patriot from Epoch Times Christmas Party


Jason Fyk of Social Media Freedom has a case pending in the US Supreme Court. FYK V FACEBOOK. Fyk is a warrior for Freedom of Speech.

It seems when FYK eventually realized Angie Wong tried to shut down a conservative news room , Accused investigative Journalist Todd Wood of being racist for asking her for a quote and served a 96-year-old Journalist with a cease-and-desist order for warning people about Wong she was removed from his website listed partners, quietly with no press. Wong clearly does not represent the non-profits values.

In Retaliation Wong used her connections at Epoch Times to block FYK from the DC Christmas Party. Fyk reported to us at Vet Voice Media that the Epoch Times invitation was rescinded. Our team reached out to Chris Prosch with Epoch who said he would get Fyk back on the list but that did not happen.

This is not a good look for the Epoch Times, Wong fighting against free speech, blocking people from a Christmas party and attacking conservatives like Steve Bannon.


Virginia Veterans for America First