ANGIE WONG – The BIZARRE handling of Legacy PAC

June 28th , 2023 Initially Legacy PAC was formed with Patrick Collis (this investigator) expecting to be President, Angie Wong Vice President, and Stan Fitzgerald another board member. Although this PAC was the conception of Fitzgerald, he wanted to maintain a wall between fundraising and banking so he could not be the victim of false […]

Angie Wong “THE BOOKER TAPES” Criminal scheme explained with audio proof download.

6-26-23 *DISCLAIMER : All accusations are “alleged” at this point Angie Wong was caught by her L-Strategies consulting firm business partners, Jared Craig and Stan Fitzgerald, illegally diverting funds from their consulting firm account to be used towards her personal business interests.  The numbers did not add up and partners pulled the contract Wong submitted. […]

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