ANGIE WONG – The BIZARRE handling of Legacy PAC

June 28th , 2023

Initially Legacy PAC was formed with Patrick Collis (this investigator) expecting to be President, Angie Wong Vice President, and Stan Fitzgerald another board member. Although this PAC was the conception of Fitzgerald, he wanted to maintain a wall between fundraising and banking so he could not be the victim of false accusations, such as Wong’s. Fitzgerald maintained the hand’s off fundraising attempts and banking access from conception to date.  Wong, who stated she was the only one who knew how to run a Pac, insisted on having the title president and Collis conceded.  Collis realizing that his full-time efforts needed to focus on his security firm was replaced by Jared Craig as an equal partner with Wong and Fitzgerald in November 2022.  In December 2022 Wong told the partners that Patrick Collis was removed from the Bank account and Jared Craig was added, that was false. From December 2022 through May 2023 numerous requests to give Jared Craig access to the PAC bank account were either ignored or met with answers such as she could not open the document sent from the bank to sign. Through that five-month time period Wong failed to implement successful fundraising, host any profitable events, or even create by-laws and at one point during a South Carolina fundraising event Wong admitted in front of witnesses she had no clue what she was doing, the response overheard was “You fake it well.” In May 2023 when Jared Craig finally gained access irregularities were immediately noticed and investigated prior to the emergency board meeting where Wong was voted off the board. This is when Wong started a false counter narrative which has been totally debunked with documents, and her own written communications, exhibits set forth on the website in page title “The Debunking of Angie Wong Line by Line”. Angie Wong was voted off the Legacy PAC board on 5-30-23 primarily for nonperformance of duties.

Starting with the most recent information:

On June 28th, 2023 RE APEX– Jared Craig and Stan Fitzgerald just learned of a fundraising contract from 11-29-22 that Angie Wong unilaterally signed on behalf of Legacy PAC with Apex fundraising.  This contract was never approved by the board nor did she show this contract to PAC attorney Jared Craig. Apex is a well-respected firm the issue here is Wong’s lack of transparency and failure to get board approval.   

On June 28th, 2023 – This Investigator spoke with Terry Namkung regarding a May of 2023 text Wong sent stating she was starting a war with Namkung.  Text shown in below exhibits. That is Terry Namkung a former congressional candidate from VA.  This Bizarre Statement was made with a photo of a VA candidate Kimberly Lowe.  On multiple occasions Wong told her former partners Namkung was meddling with Legacy PAC, there was no evidence of that. In fact Fitzgerald is a personal friend of Namkung and helped him get his military discharge papers signed by president Trump. What was discovered in this call was that around the time of the “war” Wong wanted to start with Namkung she had sold a political fundraising package to Namkung that was not fulfilled as promised.  Wong promised Namkung a photo with a high-level political figure if he sold eight tickets to an event.  Namkung fulfilled the requirements and travelled out of state only to have the agreement unfulfilled by Wong which is believed to be an FEC violation.  Noting Wong has a now established history documented of acting in unauthorized manners for third party hosted events (details redacted). Her actions of attacking Namkung and discrediting him are also part of her Modus Operandi when she is in the wrong for her own actions.  

On June 27th 2023 both Stan Fitzgerald and Jared Craig received a call from a high-profile well-respected Trump endorsed candidate (name redacted) who stated Angie Wong took $2K from him to start a PAC for his campaign and never delivered the service.  The funds in question were part of a financial transaction that Wong deposited $17K into the Legacy PAC account to then moved $15K out. Noting here A) At the time of this candidate’s transaction neither Craig or Fitzgerald had access to the Legacy PAC bank account B) Wong handled this potential client in a unilateral procedure without full transparency with the partners, And C) Wong never provided any contracts for these transactions. Craig stated that Wong told the partners the $2K in question was profit for services rendered, which was information given AFTER monies were transferred.  Texts (Exhibits below- name will not be made public to protect the candidate’s campaign) show Wong discussed making contracts for this candidate but later said she would not be making a contract to avoid being accused of coordination an FEC violation. Also note the text shows reluctance of Wong to let the PAC attorney actually handle the contract. Until the June 27th 2023 call exposing what seems to be another scheme by Wong, Fitzgerald and Craig just assumed there was not going to be any further business conducted on behalf of this candidate.  This candidate has identified what appears to be another misappropriation of funds and possible criminal theft by deception, specifically conversion, for not delivering a service promised by Angie Wong.

This investigator notes that the service not performed by Wong would be relevant to the consulting firm based In Coweta County Georgia and this information will be forwarded as a follow up to the county law enforcement agencies.

During the June 2023 ten-day legal negotiations Wong made a bizarre claim. According to Jared Craig, Angie Wong claimed that the PAC accountant, Troy Brewer, was the actual owner of Legacy PAC and it should be up to him who had authority.  Wong, knowing she was removed from the PAC, called accountant Brewer and attempted to transfer money to herself and two candidates as donations from the PAC. Brewer refused telling her she had no authority.  Troy Brewer stated to Jared Craig that quote “Angie seemed paranoid”. Brewer further stated he looked forward to working with Craig as he was tired of dealing with Angie Wong’s confusion.

On June 14th 2023 Wong posted on her twitter feed a bizarre video where she proclaims to be president of Legacy PAC, a board she was removed from on May 30th 2023, and offers to give any candidate who contacts her money.  This raises concerns of the current board that Wong will be making unauthorized pledges on behalf of Jared Craig and Stan Fitzgerald’s owned Legacy PAC while possibly creating potential unfounded FEC violations or actions to damage the reputation of the PAC which she has been removed from.    LINK

The Bizarre unfounded accusations against fundraiser Nick Britton.  Britton is a well-respected fundraiser, who unknown to Jared Craig and Stan Fitzgerald, was asked to fundraise for Legacy PAC. This was yet another unilateral decision made by Wong with a lack of transparency.  Sometime prior to the PAC kick off event in 2023 Wong set up Britton with a laptop and gave him access to a stripe account that again Fitzgerald and Craig were unaware of. To date the partners, have no stripe account information or access to review funds.  The partners only found out Wong was working with Britton when Wong claimed that she may have unwittingly participated in a crime regarding credit card numbers.  Wong at this point cut ties with Britton and went on to send numerous bizarre texts such as accusing Britton of using a burner phone, not having any photos of himself online when she was friends with him on Facebook where he has photos posted and talking about a $10K check the partners never heard of. The partners were aware of a $20K check during this non transparent work she was conducting with Britton that was not legal for deposit in the current PAC status so Wong took the unilateral action to change the status of the PAC into a different legal entity to deposit the check. Wong however did something to cause the donor to stop payment.  Again, to be clear Partners Fitzgerald and Craig did not hear of these events until after the fact. Fitzgerald told Wong that if she witnessed a crime, she needed to report it.

This investigator learned after an Interview with Nick Britton that Wong’s actions were questionable and we see a developing pattern of Wong accusing people of wrong doing where she is alleged to be the problem.  This investigator and the partner’s do not believe Nick Britton did anything illegal but have questions about Angie Wong’s activities like did Wong illegally use other’s credit cards?

Wong’s discrediting of a congressional candidate (name redacted) : When Angie Wong learned a congressional candidate had a conversation with the former BlakPAC accountant she texted (see below) and claimed that was not the accountant and the candidate was conducting nefarious actions in his state.  The accountant as we now know gave a statement against Wong that she was misappropriating funds from her former political action committee. Wong apparently knew this and was again making accusations to discredit not only the source of the information but falsely claimed she did not know the name of the accountant. Following her modus operandi.

Legacy PAC unauthorized website: – Angie Wong after being delivered a cease and desist and after seeing the original Legacy PAC website was shut down, Wong in response used a different URL This site uses the unauthorized images of John Fredericks and Kari Lake to fundraise. The site has a win red donate button which Wong no longer has access to so Fitzgerald and Craig have no idea where any donations would go on her unauthorized new site.

Legacy PAC Transfer of funds to Florida LEE county GOP in May for an April Trump Event: According to Wong on March 13th, 2023 she stated that the Lee County GOP gave Legacy PAC free sponsorship and tickets for a Trump dinner being the Legacy team helped sell out the event. Wong claims a 3300K transfer in May went to Lee County GOP for the tickets which would make her statement of them being comped false. Further, Wong collected 1500 from partner Jared Craig for his ticket that was stated to be free and appears to have already been paid for in the transfer of 3300.

The Bizarre Wong reply to bouncing a PAC check: : Legacy PAC bank records show that Angie Wong bounced a check to the DC Hotel which hosted the PAC kickoff event. Wong was the only board member with access to the account at that time and misrepresented this fact to Fitzgerald when she asked for his Amex to cover. When discovered by the partners Wong blamed them for not hiring a bookkeeper. Again, to be clear Wong was the only partner with access to the account. Wong went on to say that because of overdraft protection she could not be accountable for bouncing a check.

Legacy PAC – Ohio RAV event. Angie Wong pitched Legacy PAC sponsor RAV East Palestine town hall with Bannon and Fredericks. Wong agreed to promote Legacy PAC but after payment was sent, in another bizarre unexplainable course of events she refused to do so. To be clear in what was an opportunity to talk about the business ventures who sponsored the hall she refused to do so. Wong also refused to take specific photos needed for the marketing of the event to benefit the PAC stating it was against her journalistic integrity”. Talking about the usual posed promo shots. Fredericks offered to do a specific segment for legacy PAC and Wong refused to arrange it. Wong also stated Cait Corrigan was essential to the event and would get her on as she was working on a deal with Bannon. (Corrigan stated she has no connection to Bannon)


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