The Angie Wong BlakPAC recording exposing her duplicity and modus operandi

12-5-23 The Vet Voice Media is in possession of numerous legally recorded conversations , dozens of emails and hundreds of texts debunking Angie Wong’s accusations against others and debunking her defenses to ongoing Georgia litigation. The allegations against Wong are proven true. Hundreds of examples of evidence , not yet public , will be presented […]

Angie Wong changes story on BlakPAC

12-4-23 In June of 2023 Angie Wong defamed VFAF , Legacy PAC , L-Strategies , Stan & Donna Fitzgerald , Jared Craig and Patrick Collis. After ducking a cease-and-desist sent to her, Wong hired a Georgia Lawyer and breached confidence by publishing a cease-and-desist letter which consisted of Wong’s defamatory statements. (Noting for those unfamiliar […]

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