Angie Wong changes story on BlakPAC


In June of 2023 Angie Wong defamed VFAF , Legacy PAC , L-Strategies , Stan & Donna Fitzgerald , Jared Craig and Patrick Collis. After ducking a cease-and-desist sent to her, Wong hired a Georgia Lawyer and breached confidence by publishing a cease-and-desist letter which consisted of Wong’s defamatory statements. (Noting for those unfamiliar with law that lawyers are not required to verify clients’ statements such as these.) This history of the legal case/investigation has all been documented on this website in the news tabs in an effort for truth and transparency click news tab and read in reverse order to achieve chronological accounts.

After being defamed in an ongoing method by Angie Wong we continued our efforts through Vet Voice Media to publish truth and transparency with every step we take in defending ourselves from Wongs’ defamation. On June 25, 2023 on this website we published investigate results with the title ” BLAKPAC COMES FORWARD TO EXPOSE ANGIE WONG FOR MISAPPROPRIATIONS OF FUNDS.” Noting we have in our possession legally recorded calls of the witness statements.

In response to these third-party witness statements from the BlacPAC founder George Farrell , BlacPAC accountant Thomas Datwyler and two donors who accused Angie Wong of misappropriating funds Wong then published on her twitter feed (see below screen shot) a statement saying BlacPAC was a scam pac and she filed an FEC report against the PAC. Wong released documents which , if true , would show she had access to banking and book keeping.

In October of 2023 BlakPAC founder George Farrell passed away making his legally recorded statements stand as his testimony in this matter.

In December 2023 Vet Voice Media has spoke with multiple sources close to Wong who claim that Wong’s response now has changed. Wong tells multiple sources she never had access to BlacPAC banking so therefore its impossible to have misappropriated funds.

For those of you with no legal training, and no investigative background, this is now a simple analysis to make. If Wong’s current story is true that she had no access to funds that would seemingly make the FEC complaint she filed false. Filing a false FEC complaint is a federal crime. The flipside of that would be if she had access than its possible that the witness statements against her in theory could be true. In fairness, and closing, it would also be possible that both sides are telling the truth and Wong was possibly complicit to some extent in an ongoing scheme.

We will also point out the MODUS OPERANDI analogy here to ongoing matters. In Wong’s public statements about bookkeeping accusations thrown at L-Strategies she claims not to have access to the banking records of L-Strategies yet she makes financial allegations of money moving not just into L-Strategies but from a nonprofit where she also had no access to banking records. In our opinion Wong is practicing duplicity and defamation that varies based on who she is speaking to. Noting again her own family has given sworn statements about her duplicity.


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