Cease and Desist Order delivered to ANGIE WONG on June 8th 2023

Jared Craig and Stan Fitzgerald have a duty to cure their public images after Angie Wong was put on notice and refused to act or give assurances. Note the date of this letter is June 8th PREDATING The Wong cease and desist letter which Wong posted publicly on a blog site known as Medium. Attorney Kramer received supporting evidence from Jared Craig before issuing this letter where in contrast Wong’s attorney went with her verbal only information without evidence. Again, noting that Wong claims she did not receive this letter, but she knew to address her responding letter to attorney Courtney Kramer thus proving her claim false. This investigator now also has a statement from a party who works with Real America’s Voice that Wong preemptively went to RAV management at this time telling the network her former partners were making bookkeeping allegations against her and suggested that maybe she should take some time off (Again noting Wong is not an employee but she is a customer paying to be on air). Wong omitted the fact that the bookkeeping issues were contractual fraud allegations against her, and the contracts involved RAV when she preemptively approached. Wong apparently then attempted to control a false public narrative going forward.

Again, noting Craig and Fitzgerald initially offered to allow her to part ways without accountability and also acted in good faith during the 10-day negotiations period.


Virginia Veterans for America First