President Trump shares VFAF Endorsement on TRUTH Social.

President Trump recently shared the Veterans for America First/Veterans for Trump endorsement on his social media (see attached screenshot). Former White House Political Director Brian Jack even texted VFAF’s Stan Fitzgerald to share the news, making it an incredible honor for the president to recognize our organization’s endorsement.

For more information about Veterans for America First, please visit the National VFAF website at Our news page, Twitter, and main social page on Facebook can also provide more information about our organization. Additionally, Yahoo News has an article about the endorsement of Donald J. Trump for 47.

For media inquiries, Angie Wong, VFAF’s National Media Rep, is available for commentary and can be contacted at [email protected]. Admiral Charles Kubic, VFAF’s National Spokesman, can also be scheduled through Angie Wong.

VFAF’s Chief Political Advisor, Stan Fitzgerald, can be contacted at [email protected]. VFAF’s Founder, Josh Macius, can be contacted at [email protected], and VFAF’s Co-Founder, Vlad Lemets, can be contacted at [email protected]. Stan Fitzgerald can also be reached at 770-707-6291.

It is an incredible honor for President Trump to recognize the Veterans for America First/Veterans for Trump endorsement. To learn more about our organization, please visit or our social media pages. For media inquiries, please contact Angie Wong or Admiral Charles Kubic.


Virginia Veterans for America First