BLAKPAC Comes forward to expose Angie Wong for misappropriations of funds.

BLAKPAC political action committee members and donors come forward to expose Angie Wong for misappropriations of funds.

BlackPac founder, George T. Farrell received national recognition from Congressman Brian Mast (R)FL for his great and effective effort in Voter Education Nationwide. The Proclamation is recorded in the Congressional Record for Posterity.

BlakPAC broke records in the United States Congress by doubling the number of African American Republican Men and adding new Latin Women members Monica De La Cruz(TX) and Anna Paulina Luna(FL) BlakPAC workers and volunteers successfully earned the votes of millions of soft Democrats and Independents for Republican candidates nationwide which resulted in the Republican Majority in the Lower Chamber of the US Congress om 2022

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Farrell was well known and respected in American Politics until Angie Wong joined his political action committee where in just months financial scandals surfaced with misappropriations of funds. Wong resigned from the organization disseminating information George Farrell was payrolling non-US citizens which no evidence of these claims is found anywhere nor did Wong provide any for what is apparently defaming comments directed at Farrell.

BlacPAC has come forward to set the record straight and this investigator has their statements:

George Farrell Blak-PAC founder. Farrell stated Angie Wong misappropriated a five-thousand-dollar donation. He stated quote “It disappeared” Farrell went on to say Wong has ruined his reputation and ability to have gainful employment by accusing him of what she was guilty of.

Thomas Datwyler: former accountant for BlakPAC. Datwyler stated the reason he resigned from Blak-PAC was because Angie Wong was misappropriating PAC monies, and he would not be responsible fortrying to justify the transfers she authorized.

Two Donors from Georgia (names redacted) have stated their donations to Wong when she was with BlakPAC were misappropriated.

As this investigator previously reported a Palm Beach County candidate reported that Wong was involved in an endorsement scandal with the local newspaper, see the news tab on this website for that information

This investigator encourages more victims of Angie Wong to come forward.


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