ANGIE WONG – Investigative Summary.

DISCLAIMER : All criminal accusations are ALLEGED at this point.

The complete investigative results on hard copies, numerous witness interviews, document review results, etc. will be available as an attached exhibit with Attorney Jared Craig’s complaint being drawn now. When filed that will be public record with the proper redactions and the complaint will answer more questions regarding Angie Wong’s removal from Legacy PAC and her continued unauthorized use of the PAC’s name. It will include more details of her actions, or nonperformance issues as to why she was removed. Inquires or complaints about this share of truthful information should be directed to Attorney Jared Craig as this investigator will ignore. Attached find the 3-page investigative summary:

Deposition of Esther Mak Wong (Mother of Angie Wong) LINK:

Wendy Wong (sister of Angie Wong) deposition LINK:

Angie Wong sues Dow Jones Publishing (Asia) owner of the Wire news service after working only two weeks. LINK. :


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