Angie Wong @AngieWong faces new Georgia Lawsuit after plaintiff’s strategic dismissal. Wong’s victory lap falls short  


Defendant Angie Wong @AngieWong took an unfounded victory lap on social media only to be hit hours later with a new lawsuit in Georgia

Miami, Florida (  – Plaintiff’s L-Strategies and Legacy PAC Voluntarily dismissed civil litigation in Georgia against Defendant Angie Wong as a strategy for going forward with new litigation in Georgia.

The first new case was filed yesterday : Case Name: L- Strategies, LLC. v Wong
Filing Date: 1/16/2024 at 3:28 PM Filer: Jared Craig Peach #: E-2ENKNGS5
Case #: SUV2024000050 Assigned Judge: ET

The Lawsuit alleges Embezzlement, Defamation, Fraudulent Misrepresentation, and other claims .

“We assumed Wong would try to spin this into a publicity stunt “win” for her , the only court ruling to date has been in favor of plaintiffs against Wong. Not only did she fall for the trap she gave us new defamation evidence to use going forward in her published press release”  The court ordered Angie Wong to surrender her social media , an order to which she defied. There has been no other court ruling , just legal strategy at this point” said Stan Fitzgerald.

Wong’s attorney in Florida was hit with a bar complaint which in part states “Turffs ignored evidence on the same website proving his complaint materially false and also negligence on his part” Wong today repeated the already proven false allegations cited in the first bar complaint- Sarasota, Florida Dec 3, 2023 (

Regarding Wong’s Florida lawsuit , the response filed in Florida reveals an FBI investigation into Angie Wong at this time.


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