Angie Wong continues publishing defamatory statements on trademarks.


Angie Wong @AngieWong continues to infer VFAF is acting criminally and in this twitter post Wong made on 12-23-23 encourages Kari Donovan, a journalist, to report on her (Wong’s) defamation as if it were factual. Wong reverts to her established modus operandi, creating pseudo scandals to deflect from her own wrong doings, taking things out of context and circular reporting from her own proven false allegations.

Wicked Wong clearly does not understand a Trademark is not required to lawfully sell a product , a trademark is used for preventing the unlawful sale of a product.

Here is the Wong published tweet, commentary will continue below it.

Let’s break down the twitter comment Angie Wong published on 12-23-23

1) Wicked Wong’s name keeps popping up because her suspected alias account “Lois Lane” seeks out and engages in these public conversations defaming VFAF Veterans for Trump. Wong’s cohort, who is apparently coordinating with Wong, then brings up the issues Wong is involved with. Wong then apparently toggles over from Lois Lane to her verified account and post’s another version of the systematic ongoing defamation. Wong creates her own false reality she attempts to live in.

Wong states Stan Fitzgerald was involved in this conversation and at the time she made that statement no comment from Fitzgerald existed. Fitzgerald made one comment later inviting Kari Donavan to a recorded zoom session with him offering to work together which she publicly accepted.

2) Wong states she had nothing to do with the Trademark application. First note that statement by Wong intentionally infers something is nefarious/illegal about filing for a trademark and in itself a defamatory comment by Wong. VFAF used the Vets for Trump logo since 2015 and were first to do so. Filing for a logo trademark is a common business practice. Wong does not understand the difference between a trademark and copyright. Further Wong fails to understand the logo and name is currently of a public domain status. Wong further fails to acknowledge the trademark was live during her time with L-Strategies the Georgia LLC she formed in Cowetta County GA and worked at as an active partner (see blow screen shot). Recorded monthly zoom calls show she (Wong) was actively involved with the trademark and sales process.

3) Wong states she did not participate in any attempts to arrange sales of Wine using the then live Trademark. Wong is proven false by her own email (see below screen shot). Again noting Wong, nor VFAF, did anything illegal by applying for a trademark or attempting to use the logo in any merchandise sales process – Wong is creating her own alternate universe with non-issues she spins into inferring criminal activity (defamation) to deflect from her own proven misdeeds.

4) Wong again infers Veterans for America First aka Veterans for Trump is illegitimate, a statement she is currently being sued for in active litigation in Georgia.

5) Wong states good luck , encouraging a journalist to publish Wong’s defamation.


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