Angie Wong commits another federal crime submitting a proven false sworn document to FEC in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1001. With Stan Fitzgerald’s continued transparency.


18 U.S.C. § 1001 is a general statute that prohibits filing materially false statements within the jurisdiction of any federal agency. On June 30th 20023 Angie Wong committed yet another federal crime by submitting the below knowingly false statements to the FEC which she looped her attorney in. Earlier today this investigator gave proofs to the FEC , Angie Wong and her attorney , demonstrating that Wong knew that complaint to be materially false. The complaint itself is actually irrelevant to Legacy PAC as until this week there were no fundraising efforts and until Angie Wong was removed from the board she was the only one with access to the PAC bank account. The complaint is more of an attempted false smear which for some bizarre reason she notarized committing a federal crime. To make matters worse for Wong she now shared this on her twitter feed opening up yet another defamation lawsuit to move forward in Tennessee.

Before we show the proofs and exhibits demonstrating Wong committed this crime and defamation lets again remind you who Stan Fitzgerald is and that he has been totally transparent throughout his self-funded political operations , which is also relative to one of Madam Wong’s perjuries.

From the L-Strategies Website:

Meet Stan Fitzgerald New Jersey Retired Police Detective and L-Strategies Consulting Firm Partner

Stan Fitzgerald Legacy PAC founder is also President of Veterans for Trump and a very effective grassroots leader who focuses on helping elect candidates that will push back on government abuse as he was a victim decades ago.


Originally from Caldwell New Jersey Stan Fitzgerald now resides in Acworth Georgia where he started what developed to be a multi-million-dollar business in liquidations by going to yard sales and buying anything for resale online.

After retiring from a New Jersey Sheriff’s Department and moving to Georgia Fitzgerald was starting over with nothing.  He started a business that very simplistically navigated weekend yard sales throughout the state and purchased goods for resale on the internet.  From buying and selling other people’s junk, with his wife Donna, they turned that into a business that generated over 25 million dollars in sales on Amazon and Ebay in just 10 years.

After the 2020 election results, Fitzgerald felt disenfranchised as an American citizen so he chose to get involved with Republican America First politics.  His wife Donna pushed back stating you will be attacked when you succeed. Stan Fitzgerald knew very well he would be attacked eventually for stepping up to help Save America but he did it anyways.

In addition to questions with the 2020 presidential election results Fitzgerald documents that he was a victim of government abuse by the FBI which started in 1999.  In 1999 the FBI raided Fitzgerald’s NJ home in a fraud accusation. Fitzgerald passed two polygraph exams , establishing his innocence , while two different US attorney’s declined to prosecute. 58 months later (two months shy of the statute of limitations) after having legal fees drain the bank savings , a low level ASUA who worked environmental crimes leveraged his family’s freedom pertaining to a $20K tax evasion charge stemming from what an accountant changed on a tax return. Fitzgerald plead guilty to what he was innocent of so his family would not be jailed for an amount of alleged tax evasion that most people get a bill In the mail for. He chronicles this tragedy in great detail on his personal website : .

Watching the FBI create the Russia Hoax and abuse president Trump during his administration he saw the government abuse of its citizens was now out of control as they targeted a sitting US president with false orchestrated allegations, so as he set out to make a difference in American politics, he focused on fighting Government abuse as his mission.

Fitzgerald joined the Cobb County Georgia GOP where he rose through the ranks of Republican politics in lightning speed with his effective messaging and investigative skills. From his website we see that Fitzgerald was utilized in several proceedings to help organize data using his detective skills and eventually became a volunteer campaign consultant where he was extremely effective in grassroots campaigns.

While taking a candidate to tour the southern border Stan Fitzgerald connected with Vlad Lemets chairman of Veterans for America First AKA Veterans for Trump who asked him to join the organization as political director and the rest is history so to speak.

After joining VFAF Fitzgerald was instrumental in implementing policies and endorsement procedures that resulted in establishing what would be a very high primary endorsement success rate and national name recognition for the organization.   Fitzgerald would go on to prepare the group to fundraise and monetize their brand for expanding their work in America First politics.

After being named President of Veterans for Trump Stan Fitzgerald was invited to meet President Trump on 10 occasions and went on to form Legacy PAC to help build funds for America First candidates. During this time Fitzgerald worked alongside with the biggest names in American conservative politics and national conservative media.

To date Fitzgerald has not been compensated for his efforts and has self-funded all operations.  He also maintains a hands-off policy on bank accounts and donors to avoid the inevitable false accusations from the many operatives who would work against the movement.

Again, noting this FBI abuse has been on Fitzgerald’s Website since 2022 he never tried to hide it: SEE:

Talking about Fitzgerald’s transparency was not a PR move here to add this to investigative findings. This is part of the knowingly false statement Wong submitted in violation of federal law , it also demonstrates she has an objective to attempt to hurt the movement.

Attached here read Angie Wong’s knowingly false sworn statement:

Angie packed a lot of word puzzles into those two above incoherent documents so lets start with debunking the fact she claims not to have known about the wrongful conviction of Stan Fitzgerald until she was removed from her positions. Her own written communications show that to be false , we have provided an email here and texts will be supplied to the FBI and the courts later. We also have two affidavits showing that to be false as well as the fact this was common knowledge in the public domain including Fitzgerald’s own website.


Vlad Lemets also covers the FBI wrongful conviction perjury by Angie in his statement but his statement and attached proofs show that along with perjury Angie clearly fabricated the entire story about the Veterans groups to hurt the movement and he also predicted that she would share it as if it were evidentiary. These are her proven false words in an effort to hurt the movement :


Virginia Veterans for America First