Preston Hocker named Vice President of Virginia State Chapter Veterans for America First.


R. Preston Hocker

Preston is a full time pastor at Freedom Fellowship where he’s been serving since August of 2004.  Preston is a loving husband of more than 18 years and the proud father of one little girl. 

Vice President & Founding Partner of the Virginia Veterans For America First, Veterans For Trump.

Former Chief of Staff for Veterans For America First national organization formally Veterans For Trump.

He started training in various martial arts in 2007 after learning of the tragic murder of a childhood friend.  Preston has competed in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts as a way to sharpen his skills as a protector.

In 2011, Preston was asked to coach the US Army’s 11th Transportation Battalion’s Army Combatives Program, which is a martial arts system specifically designed for US Army soldiers.

He is the Co-Owner/Vice President of Spartan Investigations and Executive Protection and is licensed and certified as an armed Executive Protection Agent and Private Investigator.

Founder/ President of Guardians “United Against Violence” a nonprofit designed to provide free protective services to victims of domestic violence at no cost.

Former Executive Protection Officer: Team Trump. Executive Protection Officer temporarily (One Day) for Virginia LT. Governor Winsome Sears. 

Personal Executive Protection Officer for Admiral Charles Kubic the National Spokes Person for Veterans For America First at the boarder of US/Mexico in Roma, TX. in October 2021 where he single-handedly saved Admiral Kubic from a cartel scout who breached the US border. 

Internal security and consulting strategist and personal protection officer for multiple political candidates, public office officials and celebrities!


Virginia Veterans for America First